AS+P among the winners in Langen


visualization: B.C. Horvath, Frankfurt/Main

2nd prize in the investor competition “Wohngebiet am Speierling” / Residential area am Speierling

AS+P and ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING received 2nd prize in the investor competition “Wohngebiet Am Speierling” in the City of Langen. A second prize was also won by Zaeske and Partner Architekten BDA together with cds Wohnbau Gmbh. The third winner is the bidding consortium Kohl & Fromme Gmbh / Kleespies GmbH & Co.KG, which was commissioned with the project. The quarter is to be realized in Langen Steinberg by the end of 2018 as a leafy residential area with a future-oriented building and energy concept and high quality public spaces.

The special aspects of the rectangular plot in the middle of the popular residential area lie in a topographically awkward position with a difference in height of 10 meters (in the diagonal) and the extensive conditions specified for dealing with a protected species of tree within the development, namely the Whitty Pear.

The design by AS+P revolves around the tree, after which the planned quarter is named: With its balanced proportions, multi-storey construction and building alignment the quarter will harmonize well with the existing urban fabric. It will feature solely multi-storey buildings constructed to the passivhaus standard, and potential residents can and should be from diverse groups: from families with children through to best-ager couples, everyone will find a suitable apartment here. All five buildings with a total of 63 units have barrier-free access. Located along a footpath that runs through the plot from West to East, the buildings will alternate with high-quality outdoor areas. The Whitty Pear tree with its protection area of 26m in diameter forms the central entrance. The smaller squares structure the spaces between the buildings, the footpath, and the private or semi-public garden zone. All buildings can be reached on foot from the footpath.

Competition entries can be viewed until Feb. 3, 2017 in Langen Town Hall (Room No. 140, 1st floor, Südliche Ringstrasse 80, 63225 Langen) during opening hours Mon. – Fri. 8:00 a.m. – 12.00 noon and Tues. and Thurs. 2:00 – 6:00 p.m..

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