Eintracht Frankfurt soccer club intensifies collaboration with China


During the visit to the Frankfurt club by a Chinese delegation headed by Yang Chen, a soccer legend in both Germany and China, Friedbert Greif, managing partner at AS+P, presented the company’s expertise in planning sports venues in Germany, China, and the Arab countries.

Yang Chen, who was the first Chinese pro to be signed up by a Bundesliga club, and who played for Eintracht for four years, ended his professional career in Germany and China in 2007, and is now promoting the collaboration between Eintracht Frankfurt and Beijing Enterprises Group Football Club (BG FC), as SPONSORs ONLINE, the leading German-language information service provider, reported today. In 1999, the opening goal the former Bundesliga player scored in Eintracht’s deciding relegation match against 1.FC Kaiserslautern, which the Frankfurt club went on to win 5:1, made him almost immortal. Yang Chen is still one of China’s most popular and most famous soccer players.