Feasibility study for the extension of the RheinEnergieStadion

Cologne, Germany, 2017

Functional stadium expansion planning based on different scenarios and taking planning law, transportation, noise protection, and economic aspects into consideration.

  • Client: Kölner Sportstätten GmbH
  • Timeframe: 2017
© Stadt Köln
© Stadt Köln

Located in Cologne’s Müngersdorf district, RheinEnergie Stadium is where the 1. FC Köln football club plays its home matches in the Bundesliga. Given the close ties between fans and the club, the stadium is only to a limited extent able to meet the consistently high demand for tickets. With a view to increasing ticketing revenues at the stadium, the City of Cologne, Kölner Sportstätten GmbH, and 1. FC Köln mutually agreed that AS+P should prepare a feasibility study on the possibilities for expansion of RheinEnergie Stadium.

In order to be able to identify the project’s potential and risks at an early stage through functional planning based on different scenarios and reach a sound basis for assessing the prospects of these actually being realized, alongside deliberations about concepts for the expansion of the stadium and transport, external experts from the fields of structural engineering, planning and building law, noise protection and economic viability were also integrated in the planning process.


The alternative planning methodology devised by AS+P on this basis identified key indicators (capacities proportionate to spectator groups, ground plan sizes, size and layout of the land, heights, etc.) formed the basis of the external experts’ assessments and will be used in the course of possible further stages of the project along with subsequent economic feasibility studies to deduce the potential costs and earnings the project would entail for the client.