AS+P at the Sporthilfe Reception at the Federal Chancellery


Group photo with Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel; © picture alliance für Deutsche Sporthilfe

On July 12 there was a reception held in the German Federal Chancellery in Berlin to mark the 50th anniversary of the Deutsche Sporthilfe. In his role as curator of the Deutsche Sporthilfe, Friedbert Greif, Managing Partner of AS+P was one of those invited to attend.

During the event, Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel emphasized the importance of the foundation for performance sports in Germany: “What the Sporthilfe achieves is very, very valuable,” Merkel said when awarding the “Golden Sports Pyramid” to Christian Neureuther. “It enables people who are committed to performance sports to be able to dedicate themselves to their chosen discipline.” Merkel went on to comment that the Sporthilfe is crucial above all to maintain the diversity of different sports. “Many sports disciplines have many fans, but do not take the limelight the way football does. Which is why it is so important that the Deutsche Sporthilfe exists.”

On the occasion of the reception at the Federal Chancellery, the Deutsche Sporthilfe presented its new initiative, “50 Years – 50 Projects”: the idea is to deliberately support future projects in 50 different sports disciplines outside the usual budget for supporting sports. A total of 11 Sporthilfe curators have in recent weeks committed to support the initiative – Friedbert Greif, curator since 2004, and thus AS+P are “one” of the committed parties.

AS+P is already busy supporting the Sporthilfe initiative “Springboard into the Future – Sports & Careers” and thus making a key contribution to improving the career prospects of the best German athletes. In the form of “short-term internships” AS+P offers these athletes invaluable insights into professional life that would otherwise not be possible given how full an athlete’s schedule can get with all the different training and competition phases. According to AS+P a career as a top athlete should be shown the greatest respect and must not disadvantage the athlete’s later career.

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Companies supporting the "Springboard into the Future - Sports & Careers"

Group photo with the current and former winners of the Golden Sports Pyramid, from l. to r.: Heide Ecker-Rosendahl, Jochen Schümann, Dr. Thomas de Maizière, Dr. Michael Ilgner, Christian Neureuther, Werner E. Klatten, Rosi Mittermaier-Neureuther, Peter Altmaier; © picture alliance for Deutsche Sporthilfe

Key Visual for the Sporthilfe initiative “Springboard into the Future – Sports & Careers”