1st Amendment Legal Zoning Plan No. 18 "An der Autobahn"

Niestetal, Germany, 2009 - 2012

Initital amendment to the legal zoning plan no. 18 "along the autobahn" in the Niestetal municipality due to the land use demands of an investor and varied traffic volumes

  • Client: District of Niestetal
  • Timeframe: 2009 - 2012
  • Planning Area: 2 ha
  • Use: Transport Facilities, Mixed-Use

Developing the Sandershäuser Berg business park next to the A7 interstate involved extensive traffic access measures in the Niestetal municipality in northern Hesse. In addition to the western and southern access roads to the zones designated for commercial purposes on Sandershäuser Berg, which have already been completed, these include further measures aimed at optimizing traffic flow, in particular upgrading and expanding the traffic infrastructure in the Heiligenrode district. The envisaged widening of the road "An der Autobahn" and the enlarging of a roundabout system on the edge of town involve major construction work on the existing local structure.

Establishing legal planning requirements necessitated the amendment of an existing legal zoning plan dating from the year 2000. Like the entire legal site planning, this amendment for the Sandershäuser Berg business park was reliably drawn up for the municipality, in the requisite high quality, by AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH. In addition to overcoming complex legal site planning questions pertaining to noise protection, the amendment to the legal zoning plan also meant that the expansion wishes local businesses had expressed could also be taken into account. The latest developments and construction measures in the Sandershäuser Berg business park were taken into consideration in the planning procedure.