A new Vision for Haliç

Istanbul, Turkey, 2013

Master planning of an area on the Golden Horn in Istanbul, as part of the state urban transformation process to legalize residential quarters and to improve earthquake protection

  • Client: AM­PLIO Real Es­tate In­vest­ments
  • Timeframe: 2013
  • Planning Area: 115 ha
planning area at the Golden Horn in the district of Beyoglu / Istanbul
planning area at the Golden Horn in the district of Beyoglu / Istanbul

The Golden Horn in Istanbul is of enormous significance from an historical, cultural, and commercial point of view. Currently however, in particular on account of it being a relic from the city's industrial past, the Sütlüce area in Beyoglu district is characterized by low-quality makeshift housing and unhealthy living conditions, which is why restructuring and modernization measures have become necessary.

In November 2012 AMPLIO Real Estate Investments commissioned AS+P to draw up an urban development concept for Sütlüce. The project required an all-embracing vision and a subsequent development strategy that will link not only the city to the Golden Horn: Furthermore it is intended to enable high-end urban living along the waterfront, to provide a strategic reserve for protecting the last remaining inner-city areas from privatization and a facility overkill, and to initiate long-term, sustainable, and economic development and social progress, while at the same increasing the standard of living.

existing informal settlements
existing informal settlements

The site in this prominent position has great potential for high-quality living along a beautiful, but currently little-used waterfront that extends for almost 7.5 kilometers. For this reason the vision includes creating sustainable neighborhoods, adapting the local and protecting the existing urban character, setting up a sustainable transport system, and laying out stretches and areas of greenery linking the waterfront and neighborhoods with one another. The hierarchical configuration of various areas of greenery gives rise to high-quality open spaces, which are needed in Istanbul.

In future "A new Vision for Halic" will be on a par with other inter­national waterside urban development projects and will serve as an example of best practice and a catalyst for other urban renewal projects in Turkey.