Audi IN-Campus

Ingolstadt, Germany, 2015 - 2017

Elaboration of the structural planning and preparation of a design manual for the INnovation Campus of the Audi AG in the City of Ingolstadt, based on the results of an expert`s opinion process (1st prize)

  • Client: AUDI AG
  • Timeframe: 2015 - 2017
  • Planning Area: 75 ha
  • Use: Commercial / Industrial
Lageplan mit Donau im Norden und Auenlandschaft im Osten

Audi AG is planning an innovation campus (IN-Campus) with an inter­national outreach in the southeast of Ingolstadt – on the site of what used to be the Bayernoil Refinery. The idea is a place of creativity, one that will promote com­mu­ni­ca­tion and that will attract talents from all over the world, offering them ideal conditions for research and development.

The structural plan that AS+P has come up with defines the basic spatial/functional framework for the IN-Campus, taking into account the different demands of the individual users. The design manual simultaneously prepared sets out and describes the design-related qualities of the IN-Campus – right down to the third dimension. The objective is to come up with a uniform appearance and thus create an inspiring working and living environment. This will be possible if the project succeeds in thinking beyond the building plots for each individual project, and if every component comes to epitomize the philosophy of the thinking behind the campus. This is the only way that the IN-Campus can become more than the sum of its individual parts.

Zentraler Kommunikationsraum

Completely coherent building blocks (clusters) will provide the concept with a flexible development footprint, allowing adaptations going forward to meet ever expanding technological requirements and whatever innovations the future may bring. Architecturally and in terms of urban planning, the unique layout of the site demands an exchange of physical know-how between all the disciplines at the location. A future-proof mobility concept underscores the innovative nature of the IN-Campus.

Its unique situation, not only not far from the river Danube, but also at an interface between the urban domain and an area of unspoiled natural beauty, makes for a fascinating combination, into which there are plans to integrate the surroundings, by offering leisure-time activities there. This will contribute to the thinking behind the campus, which is to create an attractive, stimulating and multifaceted working and living environment.