Legal Zoning Plan 1/02 "Querspange Nord - Teil A"

Dreieich, Germany, 2003 - 2004

Land recycling of an industrial lot; new road access; simultaneous revision of the regional plan and land use plan

  • Client: City of Dreieich
  • Timeframe: 2003 - 2004
  • Planning Area: 20 ha
  • Use: Conversion, Commercial / Industrial

The city of Dreieich intends to build a new road - the Querspange Nord - to connect the former B 3 / Frankfurter Strasse to the B 46. AS+P was employed to compile a land-use plan for the first construction phase of the road.

The area of applicability of the plan encompassed also an existing commercial area, which was to be reorganized in the course of legal zoning planning. Aside from providing a sustainable basis for the existing businesses the plan was also to provide the legal foundation for the construction of a BMW used car center on the site of the former Wensauer cement factory.


Further measures were necessary in addition to the compilation of the land-use plan during the planning process and before the plan could be ratified. Among these were the process of attaining consent to deviate from the goals of the regional plan of Südhessen, the process of modifying the general land-use plan, a forestry procedure in order to construct the road and a legal protection of species variance procedure necessary to plan on land designated as sand lizard habitat. The plan was ratified as a bye-law on September 30, 2003.