DaimlerChrysler Northern Factory Expansion

Mannheim, Germany, 2006 - 2009

Legal zoning plan for the allocation of an industrial area for a production and logistics building, on the automobile production plant site in Waldhof

  • Client: Daimler Chrysler AG
  • Timeframe: 2006 - 2009
  • Planning Area: 8 ha
  • Use: Conversion, Commercial / Industrial
aerial photo existing buildings
aerial photo existing buildings

In 2006/2007 and working under contract for DaimlerChrysler AG AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH coordinated the planning process and designed the legal land use plan for an extension of the corporation's existing plant in Mannheim. The legal land use plan was also designed to support the realization of the "Synchronized Factory" project. This project entailed the construction of a new engine manufactured, tested, painted and shipped in the future.

The complexity of the project arose from the fact that the industrial land use was located directly adjoining residential areas of the inner city. On the one hand, the residential areas were to be preserved from disturbances as much as possible. On the other, the demand was to provide maximum flexibility regarding the plant's operations. By means of a thorough coordination and negotiation process involving the DaimlerChrysler AG, the City of Mannheim and the residents, AS+P was able to achieve a balanced solution for all parties.

view from the west
view from the west


After a relatively brief 18-month planning process the land use plan was formally ratified by the city council in June 2007 and the project thus successfully completed.