Legal Zoning Plan "Erbenheim Süd"

Wiesbaden, Germany, 2011 - 2019

Legal zoning plan for the development of a new urban quarter on of a former industrial site

  • Client: ITM Immobilien Treuhand Mainz GmbH
  • Timeframe: 2011 - 2019
  • Planning Area: 26 ha
  • Use: brownfield development, Mixed-Use

Wiesbaden, the capital of the State of Hessen, seeks to redevelop the former DYWIDAG company site on the southwestern outskirts of the Erbenheim district, and put it to new use. For decades the site served as a cement factory and was later used as a company depot. The aim of the plans is, by developing the site, to be able to satisfy the existing demand for housing and spaces for small commercial facilities, while at the same time enhancing the center of the district and stabilizing it in terms of basic supplies.

In 2010, AS+P drew up a framework plan for the development of the planning area, which the City Council adopted as an urban development concept in September 2011. As such, the framework plan forms the basis of the subsequent legal zoning planning procedure, in which the goals formulated in the framework plan will be implemented. In the legal zoning plan, the specification of spacious building plots allows flexibility with regard to implementation of the plans. The park running through the center of the planning area will be a public area of greenery.

The restructuring of an already sealed site permits a space-saving and environmentally friendly housing development. The associated impact on nature and the countryside can be fully balanced out within the planning area. The legal zoning plan is going to be compiled until the end of 2018.