Legal Zoning Plan "New City Center" Eschborn

Eschborn, Germany, 2007 - 2008

First partial revision of the legal zoning plan "Neue Mitte"; land use planning to increase the attractiveness of downtown Eschborn while taking the expanded urban structure into consideration

  • Client: City of Eschborn
  • Timeframe: 2007 - 2008
  • Planning Area: 1 ha
  • Use: Residential Development, Office / Administration
schematic sketch: clearance areas
schematic sketch: clearance areas

Sustainable urban planning is characterized, in particular, by strong and attractive central supply areas. With this, the further demands of residential areas can be curbed and the ecological, economical and social outcomes of suburbanization can be mitigated.

On this note, a "new city center" has been developed in downtown Eschborn which offers attractive retail, service and residential options. In order to establish the legal planning requirements for the implementation, AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH were assigned in August of 2007. Their tasks were the alterations and supplementations to the zoning plan as well as the coordination of the planning process. In the land-use planning proceedings a methodology was developed by AS+P which systematically identifies all necessary alterations to the zoning plan through its legal planning consequences. Herewith, all planning parties, municipal decision-makers and the public were able to be incorporated into the planning process. Specific distinctions for sensible planning in downtown areas, for example, clearances protecting certain land uses, were hereby identified and conceptually integrated into the urban planning.