Legal Zoning Plan No. 66.26 "Industrial Area Friedrichsfeld-West"

Mannheim, Germany, 2008 - 2010

Urban planning / transport development concept and legal zoning plan for the conversion of a former military site into an industrial area

  • Client: City of Mannheim
  • Timeframe: 2008 - 2010
  • Planning Area: 37 ha
  • Use: Commercial / Industrial, Conversion
legal zoning plan 66.26 "Industriegebiet Friedrichsfeld-West"
legal zoning plan 66.26 "Industriegebiet Friedrichsfeld-West"

The goal of the Friedrichsfeld-West project was to obtain the development rights within a strictly specified timeframe in order to establish a regional logistics center on a site previously being used by the US military. This procedure was to be integrated into an overall urban planning concept for the around 39ha conversion site in southeastern Mannheim. Through this industrial site the city of Mannheim intends to successfully gain a foothold in the inter-municipal competition within the Rhine-Neckar region.

By the order of the city of Mannheim, AS+P GmbH initially developed an urban/transportation conceptual design, which served as the basis for the subsequent urban land use planning. Alongside the development of the legal zoning plan and within the scope of the procedural coordination, AS+P also took over the management of the legal zoning plan process as well as the supervision of the various experts for transportation, noise, landscape architecture/ species protection, air pollution control and climate. Throughout the zoning plan process many conflicts arose from the above-mentioned issues, as well as from the issues of monumental conservation and infrastructure, which had to be legally resolved.

legal zoning plan 66.26 "Industriegebiet Friedrichsfeld-West"
legal zoning plan 66.26 "Industriegebiet Friedrichsfeld-West"

Within the specified framework, AS+P was able to develop the foundation for obtaining development rights for the site so that ground-breaking for the construction of the logistics center could take place in June 2010.