BMW used Automobile Center

Dreieich, Germany, 2002 - 2005

New construction of a used car dealership and service center, building application phase, implementation planning; 1st prize in competition

  • Client: BMW AG
  • Timeframe: 2002 - 2005
  • GFA: 24,000 sqm
  • Use: Commercial / Industrial
Legal zoning plan
Legal zoning plan

A building ensemble was designed for the »BMW Gebrauchte Automobile Zentrum Dreieich« (used car center), which stands out boldly with its simple architectural form in a largely heterogeneous commercial neighborhood in the south of Frankfurt. Approximately 100 employees will take care of customer service, consulting and sales. 7,500 vehicles are to be sold per year and a large repair shop is also part of the complex. The building's main facade is over 150 m in length. Vehicles from both BMW and Mini will be presented in two-storey glass cases. Above them spans a metallic structure, carried by slender columns, which brackets the individual parts of the building. A ramp and a well-dimensioned stair lead up to the first upper floor, which accommodates further sales and presentation areas as well as a bistro. Strategically located openings offer views into the shop and customer pick-up areas, enabling visitors to experience and understand the building and its diverse functions. Via a spectacular »Heaven's Stair« customers reach the second upper floor and roof of the building where further vehicles are on display.