Changchun JingYue Ecological City

Changchun, 2007

In-depth design competition, master plan, land use planning

  • Client: AS&P - Architects Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • Timeframe: 2007
  • Planning Area: 6,000 ha
  • Use: Office / Administration, Residential Development, Mixed-Use, Open Space

In north-eastern China, the province capital of Changchun has doubled its population within 15 years to a total of five million. The city is developing into an important administration, innovation and industrial city, or the Detroit of the north. Since 2003 AS+P has been planning the first larger-scale urban expansion of the area, which is based on the inter­national design competition won by AS+P. This expansion comprises of the 120 sqkm large International Automobile City including a satellite city for 300,000 inhabitants with automobile factories and central service units. In 2008 parts of the expansion, such as the technical infrastructure and the central park will be under construction.

At the beginning of July, a further design competition for the southern urban expansion was won by AS+P Architects Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.. Traditional Chinese urban design principals, sustainable development with a variety of uses, public transportation infrastructure priorities (including metro lines, bicycle and pedestrian paths) and an integrated concept with green axes, parks and plazas lead to an ecological urban concept for 500,000 inhabitants on a 60 sqkm area. AS+P has been assigned with the in-depth further development of the project.

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