"Frankfurt for Everyone" Strategic framework for Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 2007 - 2009

Memorandum for the urban development concept to be completed by 2030

  • Client: DIC AG & Co. KGaA, IFK GmbH, Handwerkskammer Rhein Main, IHK Frankfurt/Main, Steubing AG, UBS Deutschland AG
  • Timeframe: 2007 - 2009
  • Use: Residential Development, Sport, Culture / Education, Healthcare sector, Open Space
Prof. Speer überreicht die Studie an Frau Oberbürgermeisterin Dr. Roth

Strategic framework for Frankfurt's future as a global player

The strategic urban development study "Frankfurt for Everyone" was developed by AS+P and is a leading contribution to policy support in Frankfurt am Main. The memorandum was financed by private businesses and chambers and made available to Frankfurt's Mayor, Dr. Mrs. Petra Roth.

Frankfurt: Grüne Global City
Korridore zum GrünGürtel

The goal of the study is to distinguish Frankfurt by the year 2030 in national and inter­national competitions and increase the city's attractiveness for the worldwide information elite. The study specifically devises recommendations for the further development of Frankfurt in five fields: quality of life; economic power; education, science, responsible citizenship; environmental efficiency; and the future region. Based on Frankfurt's specific capabilities and future demands, a matrix of 120 project proposals including 40 trigger projects was designed. The realization of several trigger projects has already been initiated during the development period. In addition, the study was substantiated in terms of its content by the expertise of over 300 professionals from the political, administration, economic, education and science arenas.

Frankfurt's political decision-makers have adopted "Frankfurt for Everyone" as a flexible and effective instrument directed at long-term and strategic urban development and city marketing.

Fahrradstadt Frankfurt: Rad-Expressnetz
Fahrradstadt Frankfurt: Rad-Expressnetz
Fahrradstadt Frankfurt: Rad-Expressnetz