Hangzhou Asian Games Athletes` Village

Hangzhou, 2017

Urban framework plan for an area along the River Qiangjiang, which will serve as the Athletes` Village during the Asian Games 2022 and which will be in a long run developed as a new CBD with comprehensive city functions and innovative clusters

  • Client: Development Committee of Qianjiang Century City, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou
  • Timeframe: 2017
  • Planning Area: 300 ha
  • Use: Sport, Mixed-Use, Mega events, Residential Development

Hangzhou will host the Asian Games in 2022. The games will be another great inter­national event in addition to the successful organization of the G20 summit in Hangzhou. Hangzhou aims to further upgrade its city image and to become an inter­national city through this great Asian event.

The 2022 Asian Games will take place at the east side of Qiangjiang River, adjacent to the CBD of Qiangjiang Century and 3km from Hangzhou Olympic Games Center (major venue of Asian Games). Meeting the needs of the athletes, organizers and media, AS+P aims to design this area an extraordinarily new CBD in a long run for Hangzhou´s City Center with comprehensive city functions, city innovative clusters and an eco-living pilot zone. The planning and design starts from an Asian Games boulevard, which is connecting various functional zones along the way to the Olympic site. This games boulevard is permeated by several organized central landscape axes, that form a courtyard-topology, a very European block style in the "Village", creating an amazing city fabric from aerial view and engaging Hangzhou´s local culture elements to echo the fascinating Asian Games. Our design proposal covers comprehensive aspects not only for the games, but also for a dynamic and sustainable future development of the site. The core area of the athletes` village can flexibly switch between two modes - the event mode and daily life mode. This applies not only to the 2022 Asian Games but also works for any other future mega events. The daily life mode truly brings fresh, happy life to the citizens and the visitors.

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The well-planned transportation concept, above/below grade and the surface type literary makes this place a popular destination. Our 300 meters tower design and other fabulous building forms turn this area into a stunning district to emphasise its ambition to become an inter­national city.