Jazan Industrial City

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2012 - 2013

transportation planning consultancy services for the preparation of alternative options and the Concept Master Plan for a new Industrial City near Jazan

  • Client: MODON Saudi Industrial Property Authority
  • Timeframe: 2012 - 2013
  • Planning Area: 115 ha
  • Use: Commercial / Industrial
Zufahrt West

MODON is a Saudi Arabian state authority developing industrial cities throughout the Kingdom. AS+P has been assigned by MODON to develop the conceptual master plan for an industrial city in the south-western province of Jazan. The master plan included the entire range of industrial uses from heavy industry to light and food manufacturing industries, as well as facilities for different types of housing, logistics, and necessary infrastructure.

The chosen site proved to be different from typical industrial areas, providing a largely rocky area with substantial topographical movement, intersected by several wadis. Some areas showed remarkable environmental qualities requiring protection, others were found to be unsuitable for industrial use. Developing an efficient industrial area despite the given constraints and applying MODON standards where possible proved to be the main challenge in this project.

Auszug VISUM Modell
Typische Industriestraße

As part of the master planning effort future connectivity by road and rail and the internal road network of the industrial city had been established. AS+P developed three different master plan options including road network. The options had been evaluated and a preferred option has been selected and refined. For analysis of traffic generation, distribution and assignment within the site PTV VISUM 12.5 has been used. Based on the results road hierarchy and junction typology have been developed. A further focus was the identification of appropriate location and access of a potential intermodal rail yard.

Primäres Straßennetz (Vorzugsvariante)