Integrated urban development concept Bad Homburg 2030

Bad Homburg, Germany, 2017 - 2019

The ISEK Bad Homburg 2030 includes concepts for future-oriented mobility with cyclist- and pedestrian-friendly cross-town links, a parking space concept for downtown, and enhanced street spaces with the emphasis on pedestrians and cyclists

  • Client: Urban Administration Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe
  • Timeframe: 2017 - 2019
  • Planning Area: 5,100 ha
  • Use: brownfield development, Mixed-Use

How should Bad Homburg develop thru 2030 and beyond? The integrated urban development concept "Bad Homburg 2030" provides numerous ideas and points of reference for this forward-looking question. In Bad Homburg there are numerous existing elements to be found that could be used to lay the foundations for future-oriented mobility: The train and bus stations have recently been modernized, the major employers are located in the direct vicinity of the train station, the bus services are very well received - and the pedestrian zone, the Kurpark and ample green zones encourage locals to enjoy having a stroll. That said, the city still faces big challenges.

Sustainable urban development hinges on effective and up-to-date mobility offerings. Against the backdrop of Bad Homburg's regional network, the special requirements as regards the climate, and innovative technologies, traffic flows need to be carefully managed, with the focus on public transportation, walking and cycling. What is crucial in this regard is to ensure the multimodal interaction between the different means of transport.

AS+P formulates the appropriate key objectives and goes into them in greater depth. For example, cyclist and pedestrian-friendly cross-town links are to be extended, a parking space concept for downtown to be implemented, and street spaces are to be enhanced with a focus on pedestrians and cyclists. Moreover, special emphasis is placed on the connection between the train station and the downtown as well as between the train station and Kaiser-Friedrich-Promenade.