Inter-municipal Development Concept Fulda

Fulda, Germany, 2006 - 2007

Land use management and development concept for the region's retail and commercial sites

  • Client: City of Fulda
  • Timeframe: 2006 - 2007
  • Use: Retail, Commercial / Industrial
project phases
project phases

The east Hessen city of Fulda together with the municipalities of Petersberg, Künzell and Eichenzell form the prospering Fulda Metropolitan Area. Due to their close proximity and their partially interlocking structure, the four municipalities are collectively exhibited despite their separated administrative boundaries.

AS+P was assigned to develop an intermunicipal concept for the issues of retail and commercial. The concept was to be aligned with the associated actors in a coordinated process. The goal was the formulation of a consolidated, sustainable and permanent development strategy for the Fulda Urban Area.

supply quota in Fulda metropolitan area
supply quota in Fulda metropolitan area

The existing and planned retail and commercial locations were analyzed on the basis of spatially functional criteria. Potentials and deficits were elaborated and compared to the determined demand.

In conclusion, the outcome was a design in which procedural requirements become apparent within a spatially functional development concept. Furthermore, for intermunicipal cooperation, procedural recommendations and suggestions for the organizational structure were devised.