Guideline for Event-related Traffic Management

Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 2006 - 2007

Development of a guideline for large-scale events concerning planning basis, project organization and public relations; preparation of check lists, planning aids and a fictional event example

  • Client: ivm GmbH - Integriertes Verkehrs- und Mobilitätsman­age­ment Region Frankfurt RheinMain
  • Timeframe: 2006 - 2007

Following the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2006 in Frankfurt am Main AS+P worked together with its client, ivm GmbH - Integrated Traffic Management Region Frankfurt RheinMain - to develop a guideline for event-related traffic man­age­ment. The objective was to use the experience and knowledge gained during the world cup event to establish a set of planning aspects and requirements that are generally applicable to a (large-scale) event and to make them available to third parties.

First the guideline presents the base data necessary for planning. The data is structured into two topics: traffic-relevant aspects of the event; and access to the event venue. The guideline then compiles the requirements that are to be placed on the traffic man­age­ment of the event. For the latter, comprehensive check lists were compiled which offer guidance and orientation within the planning process. In total nineteen check lists make up the main body of the guideline. This section is rounded off with recommendations regarding project organization and public relations activities.


In the second part of the guideline insight derived from actual planning practice is given and references to relevant regulations and useful literature are made. The guideline is completed by the exemplary presentation of a "model event" in a "model town".