feasibility study for "Hessentag 2021 in Fulda"

Fulda, Germany, 2017

Together with the responsible offices of the City of Fulda, an expert assessment was made of the fundamental feasibility of the event from the viewpoint of countless different aspects and the general requirements - and a coherent overall concept

  • Client: Stadt Fulda
  • Timeframe: 2017

The City of Fulda is bidding to host the Hessentag in 2021. AS+P was commissioned to devise the bid concept and prepare the candidacy brochure. The task includes not only developing a key theme for the Hessentag but also structuring appropriate personnel planning as well as fundamental con-siderations relating to the financing and investment program. The main focus, however, was on devising the land use and transport concept, whereby the underlying idea hinges on the philosophy that the state event should be adapted to the specific local conditions.

Special attention was therefore attached to the spatial struc-ture of the existing areas and the nature of the urban spaces that come into question. Fulda is thus able to rely on existing infrastructure and highlight existing plazas, as these have been integrated into the concept idea. All minimum compo-nents, the so-called core modules, and the optional modules required to host the Hessentag have been allocated venues within the city and interlinked by the key defining element of the occasion, the Hessentagsstrasse. The transport concept is crucial to any Hessentag being successful, as the estimated 130,000-odd visitors at weekends set especially exacting requirements for the host venues. The concept is destined to render travel to and from the Hessentag being as ecologically friendly as possible. To this end, the focus has been not only on the means of transport but also on a barrier-free Hessen-tag, multimedia information sourcing and electromobility.

Veranstaltungsort Dommuseum
Veranstaltungsort Schlosspark