Feasibility Study New Philharmonic Orchestra Gasteig

Munich, Germany, 2009

Development of a feasibility study on the renovation and repositioning of the cultural center "Gasteig" within the vicinity of the state capital, Munich

  • Client: Gasteig München GmbH
  • Timeframe: 2009
  • GFA: 80,000 sqm
  • Use: Refurbishment, Culture / Education, Public Buildings, Office / Administration, Recreation

The Gasteig München GmbH is currently developing concepts for the renovation and repositioning of the culture and arts center Gasteig within the culturally rich area of Bavaria's state capital, Munich. After 25 years of operation, the modernization of the philharmonic orchestra, in addition to the hall's basic renovation need, is a key element. In terms of the philharmonic orchestra's acoustics, five inter­national acousticians rendered their expert opinions, verifying the theater's acoustic potential. These expert opinions served as a basis for the feasibility study carried out by AS+P. This study demonstrates the existing structure's potential and describes the viability of establishing the best possible acoustics for the symphonic music of the philharmonic orchestra as well as the capability of eliminating the functional disadvantages for visitors. On the one hand, the study offers a technically-sound foundation for further investment decisions and, on the other, it can be implemented whilst achieving good publicity with the purpose of visualizing and communicating the potential of the Gasteig during current discussions.

The results of the feasibility study define various modules which can be compiled into a homogenous overall concept. The basic package contains the following building blocks:


- The philharmonic orchestra as an optimal concert hall for classics

- The Carl-Orff theater as a multi-functional theater

- Optimization of visitor accessibility

- Backstage for 2 orchestras

- Improvement of the loading zone on Kellerstrasse