Feasibility Study Utilization Concept for Terminal 2 at Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 2019

  • Client: Fraport AG
  • Timeframe: 2019
aerial photo, Terminal 2, land side
aerial photo, Terminal 2, land side

Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 3 is scheduled to open in 2023. This will give rise to increased capacities in the number of gates available for aircraft and will therefore give rise to a restructuring in fleet positioning of the respective airlines.

In this context, the potential uses for Terminal 2 needed to be re-assessed. To this end, in the context of a feasibility study AS+P teamed up with airport planners IADC to investigate all the possible structural changes that would lead to new process strategies and assessed these.

In this regard, optimization of processes will have to be synchronized with ongoing modernization measures without this interrupting operations. Moreover, one object of the study was to establish what impact and opportunities would arise from realigning the processes in the PTS (passenger transport system) within Terminal 2 in order to boost user comfort for those changing planes.