Master Plan "North Bund"

Shanghai, 2010 - 2012

1st prize inter­national competition for a Master Plan of "North Bund", an important urban development area in Shanghai´s Hongkou District north of the historic Bund

  • Client: Shanghai Hongkou Planning and Land Resources Bureau
  • Timeframe: 2010 - 2012
  • Planning Area: 200 ha
  • Use: Office / Administration, Residential Development, Mixed-Use, Retail, Conversion
Schematische Visualisierung

The so-called ‘North Bund' in the Hongkou district plays an important role in Shanghai's urban development. The area is located north of the historic Bund and adjacent to the Pudong peninsula. As a third developmental focus along the Huangpu River, the area, with its significant service and public facilities, will complement both prominent urban districts.

AS+P's concept for the North Bund area prevailed in an inter­national ideas competition. The concept utilizes the locational advantages as well as the exceptional accessibility of the ca. 2 sqkm area. Downtown densification, land-use mixture, conversion and the reduction of individual traffic due to exceptional public transport offerings are all integrated in a sustainable planning concept. Additionally, the core area, encompassing around 70 ha of central downtown land-uses, offers primarily shipping-related services and office buildings.

Detail 'vernetzte Fußgängerzone'
Visualisierung 'high-rise' bei Nacht

The two landmarked high-rises, situated in the west and the east, are connected to one another via a pedestrian zone, lined with four-storied structures housing retail, entertainment and gastronomy uses. The pedestrian zone is connected to the local public transport network by two underground railway stations in the east and west. These stations also connect generous underground shopping mall areas as well as terminals of the new inter­national ferry harbor.

The main planning focus within the ca. 1.3 sqkm "mantel zone" is the sustainability of the existing building substance as well as the sensitive boundary realignment to new structures.