memo - Communication Management Frankfurt Rhine-Main Region

Rhein Main, Germany, 2006

Conceptual assistance for the realization of the prototype basis system "memo - com­mu­ni­ca­tion man­age­ment Frankfurt Rhine-Main region"; execution of functional system tests; develop of the operating manual; preparation and enforcement of training work

  • Client: ivm GmbH - Integriertes Verkehrs- und Mobilitätsman­age­ment Region Frankfurt RheinMain
  • Timeframe: 2006
Das memo-Nachrichtenterminal (Prototyp Version 1.1)

The ivm GmbH (integrated Traffic Management Region Frankfurt RheinMain) coordinates integrated and intermodal traffic man­age­ment within the region. One of ivm's duties is to manage messages and the exchange of traffic-related information between the partners. In this project, for the first time, small and medium sized cities and districts as well as municipal partners who do not operate traffic man­age­ment systems of their own will be actively involved in message man­age­ment. For this purpose, ivm GmbH designed the memo Client Server System.

Memo's key features are its map-based message processing (geo-mapping) and the use of a standardized message catalogue enabling the automatic exchange of information. The memo prototype was completed and put into operation by the first partners in the spring of 2006.

memo Kommunikationsstruktur

AS+P supported the client during each work phase and was responsible for coordinating the entire project. Among its tasks were the preparation and holding of workshops; providing input for system specifications; development of the message catalogue; the definition, refinement and realization of the reference system; testing of the prototype system; training of the partners and the compilation of an operating manual. AS+P furthermore provided conceptual input during the system's design and regarding the planning of the next development stages.