Mobility concept Tuttlingen 2035

Tuttlingen, Germany, 2020 - 2022

Development of the municipal mobility concept for the town of Tuttlingen as a framework for future-oriented, sustainable mobility up to the year 2035

  • Client: Stadt Tuttlingen
  • Timeframe: 2020 - 2022
Bürgerforum Straßenraum

The Tuttlingen 2035 mobility concept as an integrated action concept defines goals for future-oriented, sustainable mobility in the city. The concept follows on seamlessly from the Tuttlingen 2025 masterplan, which was likewise drafted by AS+P in 2011. It identifies strategies and measures for each of the six action fields that together serve as a guideline for the municipal administration and the political bodies for planning and implementing future projects. The equal rights of all road users and fair distribution of the public (road) space are of central importance here.

The Tuttlingen 2035 mobility concept has been accompanied throughout by a process of participation that involved not only discussions with experts and workshops with administrative bodies and policymakers, but also a citizens’ forum and an online survey. The process took place in three key steps: The exploratory phase included the stocktaking, the weighing up of goals and focal areas from the masterplan and the current political debate, the identification of current trends, and good examples from other municipalities.


A consolidation phase then involved the definition of challenges and potential and development of a mission statement and guidelines.

The results phase served for the definition of action fields and strategies, the development of a concept of measures and of pilot projects, an implementation strategy, and the establishment of the monitoring and evaluation of the planned measures. The latter were examined and verified with the help of the existing traffic model.