New Eintracht Frankfurt Fussball AG club offices and “ProfiCamp”

Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 2017 - 2021

Building planning services for an Eintracht Frankfurt Fussball AG Proficamp featuring sport, rehabilitation, administration, and public relations facilities

  • Client: Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG
  • Timeframe: 2017 - 2021
  • Use: Office / Administration, Car parks, Sport
Neubau Geschäftsstelle und ProfiCamp | Mörfelder Landstraße Blickrichtung Stadion

Designed by AS+P, the new home for the Eintracht Frankfurt professional players will be built on the site to the southeast of the Commerzbank Arena. The new complex will comprise a five-story “A Section” with a square footprint, facing the road, and a lower, three-story “B Section” facing in the direction of the Commerzbank Arena, on a joint basement with an underground parking garage. There will also be an open parking deck in the west of the plot of land.

The ground floor of “A Section” will feature the main entrance with reception area, a foyer, conference area, and press conference room. On the upper stories four 400-square-meter units will form a ring around the open inner courtyard. The Executive Board area and further offices will be on the third floor. The upper stories afford a view eastward to the stadium. At the interface with “A Section” the non-public staff restaurant will be located on the ground floor of “B Section,” which is reserved exclusively for sporting facilities. Further ground-floor features will include changing rooms, physiotherapy and sports medical treatment rooms and rooms for training sessions and match analyses. In the basement there will be sauna, cardiology, and fitness areas, as well as other training rooms. The first floor of “B Section” will house the coaches’ offices and meeting rooms. The second floor will boast the professional players’ relaxation rooms. “A and B Sections” will have a distinctive, sculptured, perforated façade. A profiled rear-ventilated ceramic façade is envisaged for the opaque areas, while the windows will be aluminum with parapet cladding, the shape of which emphasizes the plasticity of the façade. In the main entrance area, at the staff restaurant and in the ground-floor conference area an extensive aluminum post-and-beam construction will ensure transparency and plenty of natural daylight.

Vorplatz Neubau Geschäftsstelle und ProfiCamp | Haupteingang
Außenanlage mit Fitnessstiege | Multifunktionaler Hof

The facade’s colors are an interpretation of Eintracht Frankfurt’s club colors – black and white. The façade profiles, parapet cladding and frames will be anthracite gray, providing a contrast to the light ceramic material of the opaque surfaces. The plans for the new structure are in keeping with Passivhaus standards. For the project there are plans for a sustainable, efficient energy concept in the form of a combination of solar thermal power, heat pumps and an underground brine storage facility together with heating and cooling systems. This will mean savings of around 783 tons of CO2 per year. The proportion of renewable energy will be around 70%. The building will be fitted with an energy-efficient ventilation system and LED lighting with requirement-dependent light control throughout. The design concept for the grounds follows the momentum principle, with clear pathways and sequences of intriguing spaces and usage zones.

Kardio- und Trainingsbereich im Untergeschoss Bauteil B
Restaurant im Erdgeschoss Bauteil B
Ausschnitt Elementfassade mit profilierter hinterlüfteter Keramikfassade
ProfiCamp-Freiraumplan, Visualisierung