Construction of new MHK European headquarters

Dreieich, Germany, 2015 - 2018

Construction of a new ensemble with company headquarters, forum, parking deck and landscaped grounds / Winner of the Iconic Award 2019 and German Design Award 2020

  • Client: MHK GROUP
  • Timeframe: 2015 - 2018
  • GFA: 30,895 sqm
  • Use: BIM, Office / Administration
Campus mit Europazentrale und area3

The new European headquarters of the MHK Group were built Dreieich-Sprendlingen. The cutting-edge, energy-efficient office building is located in landscaped grounds measuring approx. six hectares. 32 meters of the 112-meter-long edifice are suspended column-free in the air - a structural challenge. The cantilever constitutes the canopy for the high-profile forecourt and the entrance to the building. It is reflected in a 75-meter-long pond and marks the beginning of the rhododendron park with the area3 education forum.

The new headquarters comprise a two-story podium complete with a foyer, restaurant and conference area plus four glazed office stories and a penthouse. The cantilever is a defining element of the entire structure. It is realized with two four-story trussed girders which are back-hung into the solid section of the building and are clearly legible on the inside.

Auskragung über Wasserbecken
Foyer area3

A double facade with 8.10-meter-wide and 3.20-meter-high, floor-to-ceiling panes of glass ensures a calm, homogeneous outside appearance, noise protection, and pre-conditioning of the natural air intake. Two glazed atriums are a source of natural daylight on the inside of building. Thanks to the flexibility afforded by two axes and the 1.35-meter axis grid, offices can be configured in any way. Spacious com­mu­ni­ca­tion zones with kitchenettes in the north and south provide space for discussion and inspiration. A de-central hybrid ventilation concept with cooling sails and facade ventilation devices, not to mention the use of photovoltaics, wood pellet boilers and cisterns is part of the innovative energy concept and creates a sustainable, pleasant ambiance. The MHK campus boasts a large parking deck.

Interne Konferenzräume am Lichthof
Vorfahrt mit Blick aufs Forum
Digitales Gebäudemodell BIM
Stahlträger und Lichthof
Flexible Bürobereiche mit Kühlsegeln und linearer Beleuchtung
Spiegelung im Bereich der Auskragung