"New Munich Addresses", Hirschgarten / Birketweg Section

Munich, Germany, 2004 - 2008

Urban design framework based on the winning design of a prior competition; study of alternatives; content and organizational support during the legal zoning process

  • Client: aurelis Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG
  • Timeframe: 2004 - 2008
  • Planning Area: 58 ha
  • Use: Office / Administration, Residential Development, Conversion

By relocating the shunting yard in Laim and other national railway, postal and commercial facilities centrally located property has become available for redevelopment in the downtown of Munich, the state capital of Bavaria. Located along the main station / Laim / Pasing rail axis the Birketweg / Hirschgarten site is part of the "Zentrale Flächen München" development project. Envisaged is a new urban quarter for a residential population of 5.000 and 5.000 new jobs.

In the course of a cooperative process the design by the workgroup consisting of the architects of LABFAC / Prof. Geipel was awarded first place. Largely because of controversial public discussion regarding the planned high-rise buildings along the Friedenheimer Brücke the city council decided a legal land-use plan would be needed for the further planning process. The plan was to be developed based on the results of the public review of two development alternatives according to §3(1) of the German building code.

AS+P was commissioned to draw up and refine in detail the alternatives based on the existing design and to coordinate them with relevant municipal authorities (within the tight timeframe of the project). During the successive, elaborate moderation process AS+P continued to accompany the project as a professional consultant.