Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Non-Profit City General Master Plan

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2018 - 2020

Elaboration of AS+P´s winning competition entry for a 344-ha site in Riyadh. The design takes its cue from a human scale while combining key aspects of sustainable urban planning. The features include keeping key facilities and utilities within walking district, mixed usages, and an integrated and resilient infrastructure

  • Client: MBS Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Foundation (MiSK)
  • Timeframe: 2018 - 2020
  • Planning Area: 344 ha
  • Use: Residential Development, Mixed-Use, Open Space
Promenade entlang des Wadi Hanifahs und des Arts Institute

Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Non Profit City is designed as a catalyst propelling Saudi Arabia's innovation capacity into competitive ranks amongst the top nations worldwide. Located in the heart of Riyadh, the dedicated modern, self-sufficient and fully adaptable incubator district for the new ambitious Saudi generation shall support the MiSK Foundation's aim to cultivate learning and leadership in young people to help build the Saudi Arabia of tomorrow. The Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Non Profit City is a fully integrated "People's Place" focusing on all facets of sustainable urban planning in form of a walkable, mixed-use neighbourhoods of short distances.


Vogelperspektive der Achse des Arts Institutes im Herzen der Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Non Profit City
Der LIFELINE District aus der Vogelperspektive

The "Maker's Ecosystem" approach provides a start-up environment across 25 segments of the creative industries and emerging technologies. Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Non Profit City shall foster talent through education institutions, collaborative innovation and healthy lifestyle in a sustainable community environment and will become the new home for the MiSK Foundation including its main headquarters.


Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Non Profit City mit der LIFELINE und dem Wadi Hanifah

The centre of the Cluster is anchored by 3 interconnected districts that host the city’s main assets and destinations. The Cluster‘s FORUM is the core area and hub for education with the MiSK Foundation and Conference Centre, a Science Museum and the Academy. The IMMERSIVE DISTRICT offers a unique experience of retail and cultural programs. The LIFELINE is the main artery modelled as a liveable connection integrating flexible workplaces, residential and public amenities such as an Arts Institute. Each district is featured as a legible urban district and with a distinct architectural identity.


AS+P emerged as the 1st price winner in a multilevel inter-national competition with more than 200 renown participants and convinced the jury with its prominent approach and interdisciplinary team.