Impact on spatial structure of the expansion of Frankfurt Airport until 2015

Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 2000 - 2002

Study about the impact of the planned expansion of Frankfurt Airport on the spatial regional structures

  • Client: Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide AG (Fraport AG)
  • Timeframe: 2000 - 2002
  • Planning Area: 1,400,000 ha
  • Use: Airport

The main brief of the study was to investigate reserve land areas in the region to ensure these met the demand for land expected on the back of the airport’s growth. The focus was on land that could potentially be used for housing and business purposes (commerce, services/logistics, offices).

The scope of the investigation was defined by effective criteria such as accessibility and areas where housing permission is restricted, with a difference made between internal and external scope. Using model calculations, AS+P determined the residential and commercial construction requirements and contrasted these with the potential land for housing and commercial facilities surveyed. The studies led to the conclusion that given the land potential covered by planning permission at the time it would be possible to meet the demand for land for housing occasioned by the expansion of the airport, as well as the additional demand for commercial land.


On conclusion of the study, AS+P also provided support services for the regional planning procedure. This included compiling expert opinions on objections filed, involvement in voting procedures, and participation as an invited expert in the public hearing organized by the Darmstadt Regional Council.