Urban planning and spacial Interwining of the Bornheim and Seckbach Districts

Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 2010 - 2012

Urban-planning study to examine development options by a cover over the A 661 in Frankfurt/ Main

  • Client: City of Frankfurt am Main
  • Timeframe: 2010 - 2012
  • Planning Area: 55 ha
  • Use: Transport Facilities, Mixed-Use, Open Space
analysis: climate
analysis: climate

The districts of Seckbach and Bornheim in the east of Frankfurt/Main are separated by the A 661 highway and impaired by the noise of heavy traffic. For this reason there are plans to erect a 6 to 10-meter high noise protection barrier along the highway. From an urban planning point of view this solution is unsatisfactory. As such, as part of the study AS+P, investigated what other possibilities, apart from mere noise protection walls, there could be, and the extent to which they could have a positive impact on urban and natural settings.

Three rest designs demonstrated that building a cover over the A 661 and completing the districts can certainly bring improvements in the system by which they function spatially.

analysis: area structure
analysis: area structure

The urban planning and landscaping concept enables what is currently an unattractive, loud area to be re-developed and built up as an appealing city district. New residential space surrounded by greenery, as well as attractive open spaces that can be used by everyone can be created, intertwining urban spaces and parks.