Urban Planning Discussion Downtown Hanau

Hanau, Germany, 2009

  • Client: ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG
  • Timeframe: 2009
  • Use: Transport Facilities, Culture / Education, Retail, Mixed-Use, Residential Development, Office / Administration, Open Space
site plan discussion area
site plan discussion area

Hanau's downtown area is fused by two urban clusters, one organically-formed historic town core and a raster-like urban expansion of the Renaissance. The central and spatial backbone of this unique urban setting is the distinct axial sequence of five open space areas varying in size and function. Lining this axis will not only be the significant edificial monuments of Hanau, but also the future architectural milestones.

This unique spatial continuum is to articulate and structurally upgrade this urban space in the future even more distinctly than at present. The symbolic Schlossplatz, or Palace Square, in Hanau, with its Congress Center, Brüder-Grimm Museum and Altstadthotel, is to create the northern point of attraction for the downtown area. Here the modern architecture is zealously integrated into its landmarked surroundings while adhering to the setting's high standards.

At the Altstädter Market, a generous square surrounds the German Goldschmiedhaus and the Marienkirsche having a specific reference to Hanau's history as a market location. The central Freiheitsplatz is to be revived as a generous public square and offer a place for a special shopping experience as well as downtown events and festivals. A cinema center, located alongside an aesthetically pleasing glass solitary, is to enliven the central urban area in terms of its architecture and functionality. Furthermore, the significance of the new downtown market as Hessen's largest weekly market will be structurally extrapolated. Four one-storied gastronomy pavilions span the square area without isolating the market area from its surrounding downtown setting. As a ‘green' location for recuperation and relaxation, the square is to ultimately have a positive effect on the Wallon-Dutsch Church. As regards to the new quarter with multifaceted, modern urban living, the aim is to create a quiet, tranquil overall portrait.