Transport Concept ROSHN SEDRA Detailed Master Plan

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2019 - 2020

Integrated transport concept for ROSHN SEDRA Detailed Master Plan. Planning and integration of the metro system, road network, pedestrian network and micro-mobility all aimed at significantly reducing automobile traffic

  • Client: ROSHN
  • Timeframe: 2019 - 2020
  • Planning Area: 2,500 ha
  • Use: Residential Development
Integration von ÖPNV und Mikro-Mobilität

Based on its successful contribution in the framework of the inter­national urban planning competition which launched in 2018, AS+P was commissioned with the detailed planning for a roughly 2,500-hectare large area in Riyadh. The entry was elaborated to create a design plan with an emphasis on urban planning, landscape architecture and mobility. For the infrastructure development AS+P collaborated with a local engineering firm.


Entwurfsbeispiel Straßenkorridor

AS+P broke with traditional concepts and instead put their faith in social interaction and maximum connectivity in the social, spatial but also the ecological context. Taking as its motto “Living Beyond Walls” the design places a clear focus on all infrastructure being within easy walking distance and short-distance mobility as well a public transport and a sustainable “micro-mobility concept”. Conversely, the areas for motorized private traffic are to be reduced to a minimum.

The majority of the roughly 30,000 units planned can only be accessed via so-called living streets – streets that are realized as mixed transportation areas and seek to create a vibrant public space in the immediate vicinity. Schools and other essential amenities are easily reached on foot. The overarching connectivity is geared towards micro-mobility and an integrated public transport system. This means that future residents will no longer have to rely on cars to meet most of their daily needs. The aim: districts with a low incidence of cars, a high quality of life and proximity to nature.