Approaches to Redesigning Neu-Isenburg’s Road Network Focusing on Traffic Planning

Neu-Isenburg, Germany, 2016

Formulating solutions that take their cue from the existing situation and alternative approaches to planning two interchanges in Neu-Isenburg with the objective of improving bicycle path routing; recommendation of a preferred alternative

  • Client: City of Neu-Isenburg
  • Timeframe: 2016

In anticipation of the completion of Regional Ring Road West (RTW), the town of Neu-Isenburg has made plans to extensively reorganize the axes Carl-Ulrich-Strasse / Schleussnerstrasse to create a one-way system between Hugenottenallee and Frankfurter Strasse. The intersection adjoining these to the west has been largely transformed into a signalized roundabout and for the intersection adjoining them to the east the conversion work was due to start shortly. However, in the meantime doubts have arisen as to whether these measures really represent the optimum solution in terms of traffic flow and urban planning. Accordingly, for the adjoining junctions AS+P formulated not only solutions that take their cue from the existing situation but also tabled alternative, cost-intensive planning approaches. The focus here was on improving bicycle path routing; other important aspects were smoothly flowing traffic from east to west and the general clarity and comprehensibility of the intersections.

For two planning horizons (until construction of the RTW and after the RTW has been completed) the costs and benefits of the alternatives were compared and a preferred alternative recommended.