Traffic Planning for the AUDI IN-Campus

Ingolstadt, Germany, 2015 - 2017

Development of the internal traffic infrastructure and pedestrian paths for the AUDI AG INnovation Campus (IN-Campus) and the traffic planning concepts for internal and external traffic based on the AS+P structural plan

  • Client: AUDI AG
  • Timeframe: 2015 - 2017
  • Planning Area: 75 ha
  • Use: Commercial / Industrial
Lageplan mit Donau im Norden und Auenlandschaft im Osten

AUDI AG is planning an INnovation Campus (IN-Campus) in the south-east of Ingolstadt; it is destined to foster creativity and com­mu­ni­ca­tion, attracts global talent, while offering excellent conditions for research and development.

Based on the results of a peer review process, AS+P elaborated a structural plan, which defines the fundamental spatial and functional framework of the IN-Campus. AS+P collaborated with AUDI AG to produce numerous traffic planning sub-projects.

Specifically, AS+P planned the internal traffic infrastructure and pedestrian paths; it also developed concepts for internal traffic encompassing all modes of transport. A logistics concept for motorized traffic delivery and distribution traffic was elaborated, as was the organization of stationary traffic together with a calculation of the capacity of the adjoining road network. For non-motorized traffic AS+P devised a concept to raise the percentage of employees cycling to work. The concept for public transport includes the organization of both public and AUDI buses on the complex, with access by regional passenger rail transport a firm option.

Parallel to this, in a design manual AS+P defined requirements for the internal pathways and road infrastructure with a focus on the Campus artery as central shared-space.

Moreover, AS+P advised AUDI AG in the strategic planning of external transportation with an emphasis on optimizing the accessibility of the AUDI sites using various transport modes. For the project "Verkehrsnetz Zukunft" (Transport Network Future) AS+P identified transport potential at local and regional level in the Ingolstadt region. As such, as part of the project AS+P helped ensure the continuation of City of Ingolstadt's transport development plan.