Supervision and Organization of a Competition for the Siemens Headquarter

Munich, Germany, 2010 - 2011

Supervision and organization of a competition for the construction of the Siemens HQ in Munich, incl. premature test design stage for the development and coordination of key urban planning figures

  • Client: Siemens AG
  • Timeframe: 2010 - 2011
  • Use: Office / Administration

Siemens AG is planning to build new global headquarters in the heart of the state capital Munich. Integrating the Ludwig Ferdinand Palace, which is a listed building, by 2015 a pioneering HQ meeting the highest requirements in terms of state-of-the-art office and corporate organization ,and boasting above-ground space totaling approx. 45,000 square meters with room for around 1,200 employees is due to replace the existing structure in a sensitive urban development setting.

On behalf of Siemens Real Estate, AS+P conducted an urban development study as the basis of the entire planning procedure, including the acquisition of building rights. On this basis, spearheaded by AS+P, a draft resolution was compiled for the city council of the state capital Munich. This key data resolution was passed by the city council in December 2010. On the basis of this political legitimization AS+P, in close collaboration with the developer and the planning administrators, organized an inter­national competition.

In late June 2010, with the personal involvement of CEO Peter Löscher and the Mayor of Munich Christian Ude, a decision was made in favor of a design submitted by the Danish company Henning Larsen. This decision marked the successful conclusion, within the space of just one year, to a transparent procedure, closely coordinated with local government and planning administrators, which ultimately produced a feasible design for the new Siemens HQ that fits in with the sensitive location