Passivhaus-standard Residential Building on Güterplatz

Frankfurt/Main, Germany, since 2015

Multi-storey residential building on Güterplatz in Frankfurt/Main

  • Client: ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING Wohnungs­bau- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH
  • Timeframe: since 2015
  • GFA: 33,000 sqm
  • Use: BIM, Residential Development
Perspektive Mainzer Landstraße

ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING, in cooperation with two other investors, is developing a site of approximately 13,708 sqm at Güterplatz in Frankfurt/Main. The site comes under the jurisdiction of the legally valid Legal Zoning Plan B715, which in addition to a 6-story perimeter block development envisages planning permission for a 160-meter high-rise.

On the part of the municipal authorities there is a resolution dating from 2014 to change the legal zoning plan and distribute the building mass of the high-rise across several high points with a maximum height of 90 meters. Serving as the basis for the amendment to the legal zoning plan, in the early summer of 2015 at an urban development workshop attended by the City Planning Department, AS+P devised a concept, which in addition to a 7-story perimeter block specifies locations for two high-rises. The development as a whole will be connected by a two-level underground car park.

Perspektive Frankenallee / Europa Allee
Digitales Gebäudemodell BIM

On behalf of ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING AS+P is conducting the structural design of the perimeter block including the retail spaces, the two-level underground car park, and the open spaces on the ABG site.

Given that in the amendment to the legal zoning plan planning permission for the southwestern section of the site will not differ significantly from the legally valid basis already in place, work on the first and second construction stages can begin.

Perspektive Europa Allee

The entire site borders on to Europaallee in the north, Güterplatz in the east, Mainzer Landstrasse in the south, and a private road (Planstrasse) in the west.

In the immediate vicinity there are predominantly commercial properties, a shopping mall, as well as to the immediate west a residential building.