Design, functionality and spatial requirements in a holistic context: The new building Cargolux headquarter, which was recently built at the airport Findel, reflects the architectural key principles of AS+P.

Cargolux New Headquarters AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH 2020 / by Axel Bienhaus / Edition 2/20, p. 12, 13: B2LUX – Archi­tek­tur, Industrie, Handel, Wirtschaftsmagazin für Luxemburg, Medienhaus, 10, op Huefdreisch, L-6871 Wecker

To the article

How will automated vehicles change our lives? Where are the opportunities and challenges? Future streets require planning today. This timely book envisions ways in which changes to urban mobility and technology will transform city streetscapes and, importantly, how cities can prepare. It is a reflection on the relationship between new technologies and urbanism, as well as an agile urban design manual with pictures illustrating potential spatial arrangements enabled by the new technologies. Two case studies in the central urban cores of London and Los Angeles will be presented to show how neighborhoods can be redesigned for the better and how to apply good urban design principles across towns and cities worldwide.

2019 / by Riccardo Bobisse and Andrea Pavia / © RIBA Publishing, 76 Portland Pl, Marylebone, London W1B 1NT, United Kingdom, ISBN: 9781859468616

Der kompakte Leitfaden richtet sich speziell an Architekten und bietet einen sicheren Einstieg in das komplexe Thema BIM. Das Grundwissen, erste Schritte und grundsätzliche Fragen im Umgang mit der BIM-Methodik werden erläutert: Wie verändern sich Arbeitsabläufe, die Kommunikation und der Austausch mit anderen Disziplinen sowohl im Projekt als auch langfristig im Unternehmen?

April 2018 / Mit Beitrag von Dirk Kahl, Gesell­schafter und Mitglied der Geschäfts­leitung / Beuth-Verlag, 1. Auflage / Hrsg.: Dirk Hennings, Moritz Mombour / 72 Seiten / ISBN 978-3-410-26170-4

May 2017 sees the publication by the Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the seventh edition of the Arab-German Yearbook - Construction and Consulting. As in previous years, the publication once again features the most impressive construction, infrastructure, and consulting projects in the Arab world. This edition focuses on urban development and all the aspects of the Smart City idea. AS+P is represented with an article entitled “Transforming Urban Mobility in Riyadh,” and in the chapter “Urban Building and Public Space” with a piece about the “Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.”

2017 / ed.: Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry / p. 82

The publication showcases more than 120 buildings, designed by German architects in over 30 countries worldwide. This volume, Contemporary Architecture Made in Germany, accompanies the eponymous exhibition – promoted by the German Federal Chamber of Architects (NAX) – that has already shown in hotspots such as Paris and Beijing. AS+P is featured in the publication and exhibition with several projects.

2016 by DOM publishers, Berlin/Germany / Author: Cornelia Dörries / Editorial Directors: Gabriele Seitz, Melanie Läge / 476 pages / ISBN 978-3-86922-176-2

Over recent decades, the urban space of the River Main – the riverside banks and the districts directly bordering on it – has emerged as an outstanding world of successful strategic planning and projects embedded in Frankfurt's integrated urban development policy. This publication documents interviews with contemporary witnesses about the Museums­ufer, with discussions between the people in charge of the relevant municipal departments and authorities responsible for culture, planning and construction at the time, as well as the Director of Deutsches Archi­tek­turmuseum, his deputy and Albert Speer, the outside planning expert involved from the outset.

May 2016 / Editor: Prof. Julian Wékel of the Design and Urban Planning department, TU Dramstadt 2016 / Pages 192 / ISBN 978-3-88536-142-8

The City of Regensburg has recorded the erection of the Continental Arena, completed in 2015, in a 224-page “Construction Diary in Words and Images”. AS&P project leader Matthias Schöner, an engineer specialized in sports venues, explains in an interview just how complex the requirements for a soccer stadium are, and how AS&P used its expertise to assist the municipal authority with the planning.

2016 / © Schnell & Steiner GmbH / Editor: Stadt Regensburg / S. 224 / ISBN 078-3-7954-3108-2

In June 2015 the Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented the sixth edition of the "Arab-German Yearbook - Construction and Consulting". As in previous years, the publication features impressive examples of German-Arab collaboration in construction, infrastructure, transport and consulting. In the yearbook AS&P presents the City Center Area Action Plan and Transit Oriented Development (T.O.D.) Guidelines in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2015 / Editor: Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry / S. 103

Cities and traffic are inseparably connected. Vehicles, goods, and people move almost incessantly through urban streets. At the same time, the quality of life offered by a modern city is measured in the amount of attractive traffic-free urban space for movement it can provide. Areas that are exclusively reserved to pedestrians play an important role in this context. The case studies presented in this volume provide an overview of the multitude of possibilities offered by pedestrian areas and illustrate why they are considered to be the heart and soul of 21st century cities. AS&P is featured with the "Metro Urban Design and Streetscape Manual" project in Riyadh.

2015 / Chris van Uffelen / Editor: Braun Publishing AG / S. 247 / ISBN 978-3-03768-190-9

In June 2014 the Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry will present the fifth edition of the Arab-German Yearbook Construction and Consulting. As in previous years, the publication features impressive examples of German-Arab collaboration in construction, infrastructure, transport and consulting. In the yearbook AS&P presents the plans for the MCI (Ministry of Industry and Commerce) Business Park in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2014 / Editor: Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce / S. 123

AS+P as one of seventy-six architectural firms, in German-speaking countries and inter­nationally, open their doors and show us the spaces in which they work. There is a view of the outside of each architectural firm, one of the interior, and a floor plan, where the work places of the owners are highlighted. This not only exemplifies the similarities and differences between the architects, but also the internal organization of the offices as well as the attitude expressed by each respective building.

2013 / © BIRKHÄUSER | BAUWELT / Hrsg.: Nils Ballhausen, Redakteur Bauwelt, Bauverlag Berlin, Berlin / S. 256 / ISBN 3038214124

AS+P is once again represented in the Arab-German Yearbook published by Ghorfa: In the chapter “Focus of the Year: Megacities”, urban planner Dr. Robert Winterhager and Dr. Michael Denkel, member of the management and partner at AS+P, report on sustainable planning and architecture.

2013 / u.a. Dr. Michael Denkel, Dr. Robert Winterhager / © DCM Druck Center Meckenheim GmbH / Editor: Ghorfa – Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry / S. 136

Sustainability, complex land use and awareness of spatial quality are keywords for spatial planning. Therefore, sustainable spatial development is essential for the coming decades. Changes in climate, modes of transportation, demographics and the economic situation are important challenges for all spatially relevant actors. A group of inter­national experts discussed important aspects of higher education in spatial planning in this publication. Friedbert Greif, managing partner and director with AS&P, provides insight into what educational requirements are demanded by an independant planning office. Michael Heller, Project Co-ordinator with AS&P, wrote about Lectures in Spatial Design.

2012 / © vdf Hochschulverlag AG / Editor: Bernd Scholl, Zürich / S. 216 / ISBN -10: 3728135224

In the book entitled Innovativ und der Nachhaltigkeit verpflichtet (Innovative and committed to sustainability) AS&P presents three of its Frankfurt projects, namely the new Fraport AG HQ at the airport, which is due to be completed soon, the passive house-standard residential development at Riedberg Allee 1 (230 units), and the refurbishment and bordering of the Heinrich Lübke Estate (approx. 600 residential units) in the Praunheim district. There are also reports on the progress of construction work in the 90-hectare Europaviertel district, in the planning of which AS&P has played a pivotal role since 1997, with a presentation on Quartier Westparc (AS&P: 104 residential units + day nursery) directly next to Europagarten.

2012 / © Wirtschafts- und Verlagsgesellschaft mbH / S. 240

The sixth edition of google’s publication „Think Quarterly“ is all about Play. In the article „The future of play“, which is about next-generation football stadiums, fan-focused digital technology and real-time 3D environments, AS&P’s stadium designs for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar are presented. In 2010 AS&P was responsible for the design of eight stadiums for Qatars bid to host the FIFA World Cup 2022.

2012 / Cyrus Shahrad / Editor: Google / S. 73

AS&P is presented by two different projects in this year’s edition of the Arab-German Yearbook published by Ghorfa: In the chapter on “Egypt”, urban planner Dr. Robert Winterhager reports on the master plan for the Egyptian metropolis of Alexandria. In the “Saudi Arabia” chapter Gerhard Brand, Managing Partner at AS&P, presents the Criminal Court Complex in Riad, which was commissioned in 2012, having been built to AS&P plans.

2012 / u.a. Gerhard Brand, Dr. Robert Winterhager / © DCM Druck Center Meckenheim GmbH / Editor: Ghorfa – Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry / S. 153

The inter­national renaissance of metropolitan regions since the 1990s is also reflected in the RhineMain region by diverse regional cooperation projects. With regard to the reality in numerous fields, experts from academia and business discuss the problems and prospects of regional collaboration in the polycentric Rhine-Main metropolitan region. Prof. Albert Speer wrote an article on the transformation processes in spatial structure and construction entitled: `Frankfurt, here we come’.

2012 / © Campus Verlag GmbH / Editor: Karsten Zimmermann / S. 358 / ISBN 978-3593396545

Following publications about architecture in Asia and Oceania, as well as America, the third volume in this four-atlas series is devoted to contemporary architecture in Africa and the Middle East. The ten chapters divided up by countries and regions present selected buildings and projects, on which essays by well-known experts elaborate. AS&P features in the chapter “The Arabian Peninsula” in the form of a report about the stadiums for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

2011 / © Fundación BBVA / Editor: Luis Fernández-Galiano, Bilbao / S. 317 / ISBN 978-84-92937-19-6

The buildings featured in this book represent a cross section of current European building culture. 1,000 selected construction projects appear on 1,000 pages, with particular attention being paid to the latest works by leading firms of architects as well as those by aspiring stars of the future being presented. AS&P is featured with the Parktower project, which involved an extension to and the refurbishment of the former SGZ high-rise in Frankfurt’s banking district.

2011 / © BRAUN PUBLISHING AG 2011 / S. 1.024 / ISBN 978-3-03768-087-2

In 2011 Frankfurt Airport celebrated its 75th anniversary. What makes Frankfurt Airport the much-quoted “Airport City” it is, and what direction is it developing in? What impact is increased mobility having on society? And can air traffic be made ecological in the long term? The authors address these and many other questions relating to Frankfurt Airport. Those who wrote about their fascination with the airport include Steffi Jones, Thomas Enders, Albert Speer, Max Hollein, Sebastian Vettel, Martin Mosebach, Matthias Horx, Peter Lückemeier, Christian Schwägerl and Stefan Walter.

2011 / © Societäts Verlag / Editor: Fraport AG / S. 160 / ISBN 978-3-9429210-00-8

Selected projects by the office woernerundpartner dating from 1971 until today are documented for the first time in book form in “einfach architektur”. Alongside extracts from the overall work by the office the publication also offers the reader deep, at times highly personal insights into life with and in the office. 
Featuring contributions by Peter Cachola Schmal and Heike Rath amongst others plus interviews with Günter Mühleisen, Petra Wörner and Albert Speer, Jürg E. Kollmann and Roland Bautz with Martin Richter, Stefan Traxler and Andreas Uebele.

2011 / © Verlag Niggli AG / Editor: woernerundpartner / S. 312 / ISBN 978-3-7212-0810-8

A symposium publication based on a series of lectures - Polytechnik-Kolleg - of the Stiftung Polytechnische Gesell­schaft Frankfurt, the Kulturfond Frankfurt RheinMain in collaboration with Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main. Prof. Albert Speer will be quoted from his participation in the panel discussion `Bürgergesellschaft Frankfurt_Rhein-Main – Auf dem Weg zu einem neuen Selbstverständnis: Perspektiven für 2030´ (Civic society Frankfurt_Rhine-Main – on the path to a new way of seeing itself: Prospects for 2030)).

2011 / © Frankfurt Academic Press / Hditor.: HERBERT BECK & ROLAND KAEHLBRANDT / ISBN 978-3-86983-009-4

This publication from the series STADT BAUEN by the Deutsche Akademie für Städtebau und Landesplanung (German Academy for Urban and National Planning) documents the Deutscher Städtebaupreis 2010 (German Urban Planning Prize 2010) and also examines the performance of urban planning in Germany given the current challenges: In future the key challenges will not be new building and urban expansion but above all transforming, putting to new use and complementing existing buildings. Those offices involved in the architectural realization of the `Campo am Bornheimer Depot´ project AS&P, Stefan Forster Architekten, Scheffler + Partner, Hoechstetter and Partner in Frankfurt – all commissioned by ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING entered the competition and received a commendation in the Deutscher Städtebaupreis 2010.

2011 / © Wasmuth Verlag / Editor: Werner Durth commissioned by the Deutsche Akademie für Städtebau und Landesplanung / S. 144 / ISBN 978 3 8030 0742 1

As part of a joint event organized by four big cities in the Rhine-Main region, the City of Frankfurt staged almost 100 functions devoted to architecture and urban development. The theme in Frankfurt was: “Living in the City”, which is presented in this book in three discourses, “local”, “regional” and “national”. AS&P is featured with Campo at the former depot in the Frankfurt district of Bornheim and with the study of the intertwining of open and urban space in the Frankfurt districts of Bornheim and Seckbach.

2011 / © JOVIS Verlag / Editor: Stadt Frankfurt am Main Dezernat für Planen, Bauen, Wohnen und Grundbesitz / S. 224 / ISBN 978-3-86859-123-1

Architecture influences people and people influence architecture. This illustrated book traces the people behind the design of the structures that shape the present day. Ingrid von Kruse’s very personal portrait photographs are accompanied by statements in which today’s great architects, including Albert Speer, explain what architecture means to them. A selection of sketches, diagrams, and models completes the insight into their artistic ideas and mindset. In this compilation the way the architects see themselves is defined and the ideal behind the ideas becomes clear.

2011 / © JOVIS Verlag GmbH / Editor: Ingrid von Kruse / S. 288 / ISBN 978-3-86859-111-8

This year’s German Architecture Yearbook lives up to the standard set by its predecessors: Once again , on the basis of 23 examples it presents a diverse cross-section of structures built recently in Germany or abroad. In an interview with Prof. Albert Speer the book addresses the highly current topic “Citizens’ protests and planning culture”, far beyond the “Stuttgart 21” movement against the redevelopment of the station there.

2011 / u.a. Interview Prof. Albert Speer / © Prestel Verlag / Editor: Peter Cachola Schmal, Christina Gräwe / S. 212 / ISBN 978-3791351353

This architectural guide provides an extensive inventory of the most recent architectural history east of the Rhine in Cologne. In four unconventional tours, Boris Sieverts takes us from the Roman fort and disused railroads to architectural ornaments in the post-industrial city on the Rhine. Maps and numerous illustrations accompany the routes, guaranteeing a detailed insight into the current construction processes initiated by the master plan compiled by the architectural firm AS&P.

2011 / © DOM publishers / Editor: Bernd Streitberger / Anne Luise Müller / S. 272 / ISBN 978-3-86922-163-2

With Rechtsrheinische Perspektiven, the city of Cologne is continuing the planning cycle east of the Rhine begun back in 2009 – the downtown area as well as the neighbourhoods in the immediate vicinity. The master plan to enhance Cologne’s urban fabric, compiled in 2008 by AS&P, initiated the process with its recommendations for action. The city of Cologne’s objective is to formulate a plan of action with recommendations for a user-friendly city drawing on the ideas drafted and opinions gathered at six different exhibition locations.

2011 / © DOM Publishers / Editor: Bernd Streitberger / Anne Luise Müller / S. 248 / ISBN 978-3-86922-101-4

This book presents a selection of inter­national projects by the successful Berlin architectural firm Kamel Louafi Landscape Architects and emphasizes their approach to landscapes with a wealth of photos, illustrations and essays: The location, context, history and leitmotif all determine the interventions just as much as the seasons and thoughts on the future of the developments. Prof. Albert Speer has written the foreword for the publication and highlights the essential role of open spaces in the future of urban spaces in cities and metropolitan areas.

2011 / © JOVIS Verlag / Editor: Kamel Louafi Landscape Architects Berlin / S. 496 / ISBN 978-3-86859-107-1

Dr. Klaus Engel, Dr. Jürgen Großmann and Bodo Hombach present this new collection of essays about the change of structure in Germany’s Ruhr region. Bodo Hombach: “Phönix flieg” is a new manual for the region. However disparate the authors’ facets, ideas, and perspectives might be, they underscore one thing they have in common. In the Ruhr region we are moving in one direction: forwards! The editors of the book were able to get the “Who´s who” of German business, politics, society, and science on board. People who are calling for something new and different frequently get their say. For example the dismantling of parts of the Ruhr region, as the architect Albert Speer advocates in his essay Abriss und Konzentration (demolition and concentration).

2011 / u.a. Prof. Albert Speer (80 Autoren) / © Klartext Verlag / Editor: Dr. Klaus Engel, Dr. Jürgen Großmann and Bodo Hombach / S. 672 / ISBN 978-3-8375-0425-5

In their interviews for the regional section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper, its editor Werner D'Inka and the head of the local section Peter Lückemeier elicit interesting views from and insights into the lives of famous contemporaries. The two FAZ journalists adopt a simple approach when selecting their 20 discussion partners: They only speak to people that interest them. Prof. Albert Speer, who has made Frankfurt his home and whose involvement with its urban planning since 1979 has included the trade fair guidance plan, the downtown guidance plan, the concept for the development of the banks of the River Main, and the Europaviertel, was one such choice.

2011 / Peter Lückemeier (author), Werner D'Inka (author) / © Societäts-Verlag, Frankfurt am Main / S. 152 / ISBN -10: 3797312539

Following the great success of the first edition, the Arab-German Yearbook “Construction and Consulting” 2011 will once again be devoted to the most impressive building, infrastructure and consulting projects in the Arabic world. Numerous companies - such as Siemens AG, Lufthansa AG, Ferrostaal AG, Dorsch Holding GmbH, Albert Speer & Partner GmbH, Solar Millennium AG and Lahmeyer International GmbH - are all presenting projects in almost all of the 22 Arab countries, each in the form of an editorial article.

2011 / u.a. Joachim Schares, Axel Bienhaus / © DCM Druck Center Meckenheim GmbH / Editor: Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry e.V. / S. 165 / ISBN 978-3-00-034544-9

Automobile Architecture presents the most interesting contemporary showrooms, gas stations, and multi-storey car parks. It becomes clear that a new paradigm has emerged that makes functionality, aesthetics and sustainability the focal point of automobile architecture. Featured are designs by renowned architectural studios, such as the BMW used car center in Dreieich by AS&P, as well as innovative designs by tomorrow’s stars.

2011 / Chris van Uffelen / © BRAUN PUBLISHING AG, Schweiz / S. 408 / ISBN 978-3-03768-085-8

Edited by “Gesell­schaft der Freunde der Technischen Universität Chemnitz e.V.”, this jubilee book is not a Festschrift in the traditional sense. Beside recalling all aspects of the history of the university, it also looks to the future. Prof. Albert Speer addresses the topic in his article entitled: Room for Visions – The Technical University of Chemnitz in 25 Years. He makes reference to the development concept for the university’s inner-city location, which AS&P compiled last year on behalf of the town of Chemnitz.

2011 / © Universitätsverlag Chemnitz / Editor: Gesell­schaft der Freunde der Technischen Universität Chemnitz e.V. / p. 200 / ISBN 978-3-941003-28-6

On March 25 , 2011 the North Rhine-Westphalia Chamber of Architects celebrated its 40th anniversary in the state parliament in Düsseldorf. The event also saw the presentation of the commemorative publication, which met with tremendous interest and received a very positive response. Prof. Albert Speer contributed an article to the publication: Urban planning in private hands? – The urban development master plan for downtown Cologne.

2011 / u.a. Prof. Albert Speer / Editor: Architektenkammer Nordrhein-Westfalen © 2011 / S. 186

The KölnTriangle opposite the Cologne Cathedral is a new landmark in the city. It is presented in an elaborate brochure featuring photos by Jens Willebrand. In an introduction entitled “Space for Experiments”, Prof. Albert Speer explains the goals of the Cologne Master Plan and the successful insertion of the KölnTriangle high-rise into the urban fabric.

2011 / u.a. Prof. Albert Speer / Editor: Die Rheinischen Versorgungskassen / S. 58

This book is published on the occasion of the exhibition STADTVISIONEN 1910 | 2010 of the Museum of Architecture of the TU Berlin 2010-10-15 to 2010-12-10

2010 / u.a. Prof. Albert Speer, Dr. Robert Winterhager / © DOM publishers / Editor: Harald Bodenschatz/ Christina Gräwe/ Harald Kegler/ Hans-Dieter Nägelke/ Wolfgang Sonne, Berlin / S. 480 / ISSN 0340-1774 / ISBN 978-3-86922-115-1

On October 11, 150 decision makers from politics, business, and society met in Café Moskau in Berlin to celebrate the 10th anniversary of dena. Speakers included the Federal Minister of Economics Rainer Brüderle, the Russian Minister of Energy Sergej Shmatko, the former Federal Minister of Economics foundnig member of dena Werner Müller, and the Professor of Urban Planning Albert Speer. In the commemorative paper Albert Speer addresses the question: Is Energy Efficiency at the Cost of Aesthetics?

2010 / u.a. Prof. Albert Speer / Editor.: Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) / S. 100

Joachim Bothe, coordinator of AS&P’s urban land use planning department, is a member of the interdisciplinary team of authors, who has, using his wide-ranging practical experience, edited central urban land use planning paragraphs § 5 und § 9 of the BauGB (building code of law), providing numerous examples and practice-related advice. BauGB regulations are assessed according to their practical significance and edited while having regard for contiguous legal reports (environmental law, law for emission control, etc.).

2010 / Joachim Bothe, AS&P Koordinator für den Bereich der Bauleitplanung, ist Mitglied des interdisziplinären Autorenteams / © Bundesanzeiger; 1st edition / Editor: Florian Rixner, Robert Biedermann, Sabine Steger / S. 1100 / ISBN 3898176827

In times of a quickly shrinking domestic market, many architects turn to overseas markets. This is reason enough to observe architecture more closely as an export product.

2010 / Axel Bienhaus, Gerhard Brand / Editor: Dietrich Henckel, Kester von Kuczkowski, Petra Lau, Elke Pahl-Weber, Florian Stellmacher / ISBN 9783531162478

The Master Plan, developed by the office of AS&P – Albert Speer & Partner presents concrete proposals for the short, middle and long term redesign of downtown Cologne. As many citizens took part in the planning process, it was important to the client that the results of the master plan were available to the general public.

2009 / Albert Speer, Michael Dinter, Michael Heller, Michael Denkel, Jana Hertelt, Holger Bergmann, Stefan Kornmann u.a. / © Greven / Editor: Paul Bauwens-Adenauer ; Ulrich S. Soénius / ISBN 377430436X ; 978-3774304369

The master plan for downtown Cologne was presented to the city by the office of AS&P – Albert Speer & Partner GmbH in November 2008. The planned goals of the master plan now have to be implemented. Cologne’s responsible parties are doing so in innovative ways, an example is the establishment of a control group. Michael Heller from AS&P reports…

2009 / Michael Heller / Editor: Immobilienmanager Ausgabe 7/8 Edition Köln / S. 36-37

For more than forty years, Albert Speer & Partners have been designing ecologically sensitive communities throughout the globe. Many of their trailblazing projects are discussed in this compelling and timely look at what has been accomplished in an effort to satisfy the array of social, economic, and environmental demands of the twenty-first century. The authors explore themes of redeveloping aging cities, resource conservation, urban density, zoning, and new technology. Focusing on projects in cities as wide-ranging as Shanghai, Baku, Cairo, Changchun, and Frankfurt, the book includes plans, renderings, drawings, and photographs of the sites. A model of innovative thinking and practice, the firm is shown most importantly as embracing.

2009 / Jeremy Gaines / Stefan Jaeger / © Prestel Verlag / ISBN (en) 978-3-7913-4207-8, (de) 978-3-7913-4206-1

Prof. Albert Speer discussing architecture and urban planning – a strong Metaphore.

2009 / Hrsg.: Bayerische Staatsoper / S. 50-59

"In order to enable trend-setting projects with model character to be realized, national urban development policy should concentrate on few focal points in great detail. The ways in which we conceive and handle planning need to become much more interdisciplinary which will facilitate the development of systems promoting urban innovation."

2009 / Prof. Albert Speer / Hrsg.: Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Bau und Stadtentwicklung

Article by AS&P – Albert Speer & Partner GmbH: Authors Gerhard Brand and Axel Bienhaus discuss “cost control and search for optimizing potentials using the Reference-Area Method.

2008 / © wegweiser GmbH, Berlin / S. 129 / ISBN 3-932661-70-9

Gerhard Brand from AS&P –Albert Speer & Partner GmbH serves as a jury member for project selection

2008 / © Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e. V. (ifa), Stuttgart / ISBN 978-3-938666-76-0

Article by AS&P – Albert Speer & Partner GmbH: „Deutsche Archi­tek­tur – Ein Exportschlager?“ Axel Bienhaus discusses European architecture abroad. 
Projects by AS&P : Administration Center Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai; Anting New Town, Residential Development Shanghai, V.R. China; Criminal Court Complex Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Ministry of Water and Electricity Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2007 / © Europäischer Wirtschaftsverlag, Darmstadt / S. 116-125 / ISBN 978-3-938630-31-0

Contribution by AS&P – Albert Speer & Partner GmbH: Concept for the central axis in Beijing; Garden City Foshan Sahshui, Guangzhou; International Automobile City / Anting New Town, Shanghai-Anting; Administration Building in Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai; Fudan University, Shanghai.

2005 / AS&P Albert Speer & Partner GmbH / © Verlag H.M. Nette, Wiesbaden / S. 36-59 / ISBN 3-932509-40-4

Shanghai makes all other cities in the world look old. Nowhere else does development occur so quickly and audaciously, nowhere else have you described yourself in the superlative so quickly. This book is an in-depth portrait of Shanghai, which illustrates that the history of the people living in this unique global city contributes, first and foremost, to its myths. Contributions by AS&P – Albert Speer & Partner GmbH: Interview with Prof. Albert Speer about the projects in China and the future of Shanghai.

2005 / Erich Follath, Karl Johaentges / © Collection Rolf Heyne / S. 354-357 / ISBN 3-89910-264-9

This incisive look at the historical, social and economic forces that have shaped China's modern architecture analyses the country's struggle to define its own architectural aesthetics. Projects by AS&P: Central Axis Master­plan, Beijing; EXPO 2010 Master­plan, Shanghai; Interconfessional Prayer Hall, Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai-Pudong; Anting International Automobile City and New Town, Shanghai-Anting

2005 / Layla Dawson / © PRESTEL Verlag, Munich, Berlin, London, New York / S. 48-51, 146/ 147, 158/ 159 / ISBN 3-7913-3270-8

Projects by AS&P - Albert Speer & Partner GmbH: BMW Second-Hand Car Sales Centre, Dreieich; The Oval at Baseler Platz, Frankfurt/ Main; Baseler Arkades, Frankfurt/ Main; Victoria-Turm, Mannheim

2005 / © Verlag H.M. Nelte, Wiesbaden / S. 42-57 / ISBN 3-932509-10-2

Projects by AS&P - Albert Speer & Partner GmbH: Master­plan for the Olympic Games 2012

<br/>2005 / Philipp Meuser, Daniela Pogade / © Verlagshaus Braun / Hrsg.: Engelbert Lütke Daldrup / S. 244-245 / ISBN 3-935455-63-1

publication of all 71 competition entries for the new premises of the European Central Bank

2005 / © Birkhäuser Verlag / Hrsg.: Peter Cachola Schmal & Ingeborg Flagge / S. 42/43 / ISBN 3-7643-7205-2

Albert Speer, Johannes Dell: A German City in China. The model city of Anting is the attempt to introduce coordinated and sustainable development practice into the maelstrom of rapid and gigantic development projects which Shanghai currently faces. It serves to illustrate methods and approaches for dynamic development based on local traditions and experiences in Europe. The key task is to achieve the goal-oriented implementation of sustainable urban development.

2005 / Jens Friedemann, Rüdiger Wiechers / © Fritz Knapp Verlag / S. 277-287 / ISBN 3-8314-0775-4

Documentation of the works of B+G Bollinger + Grohmann Engineers in cooperation with architects. Projects with AS&P - Albert Speer & Partner: Fair Hall 12, Hanover; ZDF-Fernsehgarten (German TV open-air broadcasting stage), Mainz; Millennium Tower, Frankfurt/ Main; Extension of the Hamburg Fair; Oval at Baseler Platz, Frankfurt/ Main

<br/>2005 / Klaus Bollinger, Manfred Grohmann / © Birkhäuser Verlag / Hrsg.: Peter Cachola Schmal / S. 42-55 / ISBN 3-7643-7095-5

Contributions by AS&P – Albert Speer & Partner GmbH: Shanghai Anting New Town.

2005 / Hrsg.: Architectural Journal (ASC, China), UIA Work Program- Road after Beijing / S. 115

Architecture, Interiors, Details Projects by AS&P - Albert Speer & Partner GmbH: Oval and Arkades at Baseler Platz, Frankfurt/ Main; Victoria-Tower, Mannheim

2002 / Volker Albus / © JUNIUS Verlag / Editor: Jo. Franzke / S. 95-99 / ISBN 3-88506-522-3

Documentation of the lecture of Prof. Albert Speer held at the UIA Conference in Berlin 2002: Resource Architecture, XXI. Architecture-World Congress, Tuesday July 23rd 2002

2002 / Prof. Albert Speer / © self-publishedDocumentation of the lecture of Prof. Albert Speer held at the UIA Conference in Berlin 2002: Resource Architecture, XXI. Architecture-World Congress, Tuesday July 23rd 2002

Albert Speer – The Intelligent City in the 21st Century... the world networked via electronic media... supplements and expands reality and provides unforeseen opportunities.

2001 / Christa Maar, Florian Rötzer / © Birkhäuser Verlag für Archi­tek­tur, Basel, Boston, Berlin / ISBN 3-7643- 5620-0

Analysis of the urban development of Beijing; postulation of five theories on the future of urban development in China: decentralized concentrations as an urban development tool; the “landscape in the inner city” as compensation for high densities; reinforcing public transport; infrastructure networks as a prerequisite of sustainable urban development; close cooperation between municipal and private organizations.

2001 / Albert Speer / ISSN 1006-3862

Once Hannover had been chosen as the host of the Expo 2000 it became necessary to restructure and to substantially enlarge the fairgrounds from 90ha to 160ha. In 1994 the Swiss firm Arnaboldi Cavadini won the urban design competition. In order to compile the Master Plan a working partnership was formed with AS&P and Kienast, Vogt and Partner. Albert Speer speaks of the Expo Hannover as an “urban expo”, an enduring urban site with public squares and parks which incorporates the old fairgrounds. Included in the planning task over the next few years is the integration of the adjoining residential areas, Bemerode to the north, Kronsberg to the east and Laatzen to the south. In regard to access it was essential that a new urban rail line and a new fairground train station Laatzen be simultaneously built.

2000 / Albert Speer, Frank Höf / © Bertelsmann Springer Bauwelt GmbH, Gütersloh / ISSN 0005-6855

In "Visionen 2000", 100 public figures - for example Prof. Albert Speer - draw conclusion of the present and write about their individual opinion of the 21st century.

2000 / Brockhaus-Redaktion / © Brockhaus in der Wissenmedia (1999) / ISBN 3765306118

Published works, built examples and the expression of his views. Albert Speer’s and his firm’s main focus is on questions dealing with urban development, e.g. in Frankfurt am Main, the development of rural areas and planning and development in the Third World. Urban development framework studies, competition entries, planning for national capital cities.

1997 / © Fraunhofer IRB Verlag, Fraunhofer-Informationszentrum Raum und Bau IRB, Stuttgart / ISBN 3-8167-3035-3

Albert Speer + Partner is one of the few German architectural offices to enjoy long-standing inter­national renown. In over thirty years, the office developed such large-scale projects as the Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh for the new capital of Saudi Arabia or the large government buildings in Abuja, the newly laid-out Nigerian capital. The preconception of Frankfurt as a modern finance and service metropolis and as a representative cultural location was also largely determined by the planning of AS&P. And of increasing importance are urban planning and architectural design projects for extensive abandoned industrial and military sites, especially in East Germany. Linking architecture and urban planning is typical of AS+P´s work. This unusual, comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to planning enables integrative solutions, effective in the long term and oriented on urban reality. In this respect Peter Eisenman once said about Albert Speer: “His projects are a mark of social concern. His writings on urban form are a plea for sanity and reason. And his teaching develop the idea of community at a scale which is neither nostalgic for an unlived past nor for an impossible future.“ (Architecture and Urbanism, 7/1994) This first comprehensive book publication on AS&P documents about forty mostly recent and very diverse projects and demonstrates the office’s special planning methodology.

1997 / Paulhans Peters / © Birkhäuser Verlag für Archi­tek­tur, Basel, Berlin, Boston / ISBN 3-7643-5265-5

This book provides an overview of the Frankfurt architect and urban planner, Albert Speer’s urban development visions, plans and projects for the city of Frankfurt am Main over the last thirty years and presents them in the context of the urban and regional development of the city.

1996 / Lothar Juckel, Diedrich Praeckel / © DVA Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, Stuttgart / ISBN 3-421-03068-5

Albert Speer & Partner. Sanierung Haus Rabe von Adolf Rading, bei Leipzig.

1996 / Annette Becker, Winfried Wang / © Prestel-Verlag, München, New York und Deutsches Archi­tek­turmuseum, Frankfurt am Main / S. 44 ff. / ISSN 0942-7481 / ISBN 3-7913-1705-9

Urban Planning Process. 18 Works, description of various projects. Criticism: Peter Eisenmann “Aspirating/Aspeerating”.

1994 / versch. Autoren, Tokyo

Albert Speer & Partner. Office and residential complex Solmstraße, Frankfurt am Main.

1994 / Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani und Annette Becker / © Prestel-Verlag, München, New York und Deutsches Archi­tek­turmuseum, Frankfurt am Main / S. 186-190 / ISSN 0942-7481 / ISBN 3-7913-1395-5

The political, communal and social changes in Europe and German Reunification place higher demands on our non-renewable environments. This challenge can only be met by using our resources in an intelligent manner. Innovative strategies and plans for the future of our cities are fundamental in this regard. The successful urban planner, Albert Speer describes predicaments and innovative solutions using examples from major metro areas and major cities in Western and Eastern Germany.

1992 / Albert Speer / © DVA Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt GmbH, Stuttgart / ISBN 3-421-03033-2

Presentation and documentation of the most important competitions and studies from the years 1990/91


1991 / AS&P - Albert Speer und Partner GmbH / © self-published