AS+P as one of seventy-six architectural firms, in German-speaking countries and inter­nationally, open their doors and show us the spaces in which they work. There is a view of the outside of each architectural firm, one of the interior, and a floor plan, where the work places of the owners are highlighted. This not only exemplifies the similarities and differences between the architects, but also the internal organization of the offices as well as the attitude expressed by each respective building.

2013 / © BIRKHÄUSER | BAUWELT / Hrsg.: Nils Ballhausen, Redakteur Bauwelt, Bauverlag Berlin, Berlin / S. 256 / ISBN 3038214124

AS+P is once again represented in the Arab-German Yearbook published by Ghorfa: In the chapter “Focus of the Year: Megacities”, urban planner Dr. Robert Winterhager and Dr. Michael Denkel, member of the management and partner at AS+P, report on sustainable planning and architecture.

2013 / u.a. Dr. Michael Denkel, Dr. Robert Winterhager / © DCM Druck Center Meckenheim GmbH / Editor: Ghorfa – Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry / S. 136

Sustainability, complex land use and awareness of spatial quality are keywords for spatial planning. Therefore, sustainable spatial development is essential for the coming decades. Changes in climate, modes of transportation, demographics and the economic situation are important challenges for all spatially relevant actors. A group of inter­national experts discussed important aspects of higher education in spatial planning in this publication. Friedbert Greif, managing partner and director with AS&P, provides insight into what educational requirements are demanded by an independant planning office. Michael Heller, Project Co-ordinator with AS&P, wrote about Lectures in Spatial Design.

2012 / © vdf Hochschulverlag AG / Editor: Bernd Scholl, Zürich / S. 216 / ISBN -10: 3728135224

In the book entitled Innovativ und der Nachhaltigkeit verpflichtet (Innovative and committed to sustainability) AS&P presents three of its Frankfurt projects, namely the new Fraport AG HQ at the airport, which is due to be completed soon, the passive house-standard residential development at Riedberg Allee 1 (230 units), and the refurbishment and bordering of the Heinrich Lübke Estate (approx. 600 residential units) in the Praunheim district. There are also reports on the progress of construction work in the 90-hectare Europaviertel district, in the planning of which AS&P has played a pivotal role since 1997, with a presentation on Quartier Westparc (AS&P: 104 residential units + day nursery) directly next to Europagarten.

2012 / © Wirtschafts- und Verlagsgesellschaft mbH / S. 240

The sixth edition of google’s publication „Think Quarterly“ is all about Play. In the article „The future of play“, which is about next-generation football stadiums, fan-focused digital technology and real-time 3D environments, AS&P’s stadium designs for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar are presented. In 2010 AS&P was responsible for the design of eight stadiums for Qatars bid to host the FIFA World Cup 2022.

2012 / Cyrus Shahrad / Editor: Google / S. 73

AS&P is presented by two different projects in this year’s edition of the Arab-German Yearbook published by Ghorfa: In the chapter on “Egypt”, urban planner Dr. Robert Winterhager reports on the master plan for the Egyptian metropolis of Alexandria. In the “Saudi Arabia” chapter Gerhard Brand, Managing Partner at AS&P, presents the Criminal Court Complex in Riad, which was commissioned in 2012, having been built to AS&P plans.

2012 / u.a. Gerhard Brand, Dr. Robert Winterhager / © DCM Druck Center Meckenheim GmbH / Editor: Ghorfa – Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry / S. 153

The inter­national renaissance of metropolitan regions since the 1990s is also reflected in the RhineMain region by diverse regional cooperation projects. With regard to the reality in numerous fields, experts from academia and business discuss the problems and prospects of regional collaboration in the polycentric Rhine-Main metropolitan region. Prof. Albert Speer wrote an article on the transformation processes in spatial structure and construction entitled: `Frankfurt, here we come’.

2012 / © Campus Verlag GmbH / Editor: Karsten Zimmermann / S. 358 / ISBN 978-3593396545

Following publications about architecture in Asia and Oceania, as well as America, the third volume in this four-atlas series is devoted to contemporary architecture in Africa and the Middle East. The ten chapters divided up by countries and regions present selected buildings and projects, on which essays by well-known experts elaborate. AS&P features in the chapter “The Arabian Peninsula” in the form of a report about the stadiums for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

2011 / © Fundación BBVA / Editor: Luis Fernández-Galiano, Bilbao / S. 317 / ISBN 978-84-92937-19-6