AS+P at the ICONIC AWARDS 2019 prize-giving ceremony


Andrej Kupetz (third from the left), on stage with the main players in the winning project: Ahmed Atalla (Senior Vice-President of Palm Hills Developments), Jürgen Häpp (urban planner and associate planner, AS+P) and Joachim Schares (Managing Director, AS+P) accept the Iconic Award for the planning of the green, resource-saving city of short distances. Photo © Manuel Debus,

At the official prize-giving ceremony on Monday evening in Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich during Expo Real, the AS+P team received no less than two awards: “Best of Best” for “Integrated Planning of Badya City in Cairo, Egypt” and “Winner” for the new MHK European headquarters in Dreieich.

Ahmed Atalla, Senior Vice-President of Palm Hills Developments and the client, as well as Joachim Schares, Managing Director of AS+P, and Jürgen Häpp, an architect, urban planner and associate partner at AS+P were delighted with the special award for Badya City in the category Concept. On-stage they accepted the coveted award for the concept behind a user-oriented city of short distances that is optimized in terms of low-emission mobility, according to the jury an “outstanding solution of strong exemplary character”. Axel Bienhaus, Managing Director of AS+P and Martin Teigeler, together with Kathrin Gallus, architect and associate partner, accepted the prize in the category “Architecture” for the new MHK headquarters in Dreieich. Andrej Kupetz, CEO of the German Design Council and Julia Bauer hosted the prize-giving ceremony.

Every year in an inter­nationally recognized design and architecture competition the German Design Council honors holistic, well thought through and innovative projects in the fields of architecture, interior design, product design, and brand communication. The jury’s criteria include the overall architectural concept, the quality of the design and its execution, as well as durability and environmental friendliness.

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From left: Martin Teigeler, Axel Bienhaus, Jürgen Häpp, Kathrin Gallus, Joachim Schares and Ahmed Atalla. Photo © Lutz Sternstein,

Enjoying the ceremony: The striking new MHK European headquarters in Dreieich, for which the architects were responsible, was likewise honored as Winner” in the category Innovative Architecture. Photo © Manuel Debus,

International “icon”: Every year the Award stands for well thought through overall concepts that stand out in terms of architecture and planning, durability, and innovative design.Photo © Manuel Debus,