AS+P develops “Planning Law-Related Thought-Provoking Impulses” with regard to current building law


© Stadt Hanau

On behalf of and in collaboration with the City of Hanau, AS+P and the law firm Allen & Overy LLP together developed seven theories and thought-provoking impulses for a liberalization of German planning and emission protection law.

The move was prompted by planners’ aim to be able to permanently use the “Sportsfield Housing” conversion site, on which there are currently 400 residential units, for housing development. According to current building law this is not allowed for reasons relating to emission protection law. There are comparable cases in conurbations throughout Germany, where for the same reason land close to industrial operations cannot be designated as residential areas. For this reason, the authors of the “Planning Law-Related Thought-Provoking Impulses from Hanau” reference current urban planning and legal developments as well as current recommendations of the Building Land Commission. As a solution, their proposals include a new experimental clause in the German Building Code and the introduction of a new type of construction area, an “Urban Residential Area,” in the German Land Utilization Ordinance.

At a press conference with Mayor Claus Kaminsky held by the City of Hanau, Dr. Michael Denkel, authorized signatory and partner at AS+P, and Lutz Krämer-Heid, project partner at AS+P, presented the “Planning-Law-Related Thought-Provoking Impulses from Hanau” to the media. The study was distributed to the relevant federal and state ministries and professional associations with the intention of the proposals for liberalization being included in the upcoming amendment of the German Building Code. This way, urgently needed affordable housing could be built on the conversion site in Hanau.