AS+P lands contract for General Plan for Baku City in Azerbaijan


The metropolitan region around the Azerbaijani capital of Baku is to get smart structures – a milestone in the development of the urban region. In this context in Baku yesterday AS+P managing directors Friedbert Greif and Joachim Schares, as well as Samir Nurijev, Chairman of the State Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and other important representatives of the State Committee signed a contract for the creation of a comprehensive development concept for the previously monocentrically structured city.

AS+P emerged as the winner of an inter­national call for tenders and secured the assignment for the approximately 213,000-hectare planning region. “We are delighted to be able to bring our interdisciplinary expertise to bear again in Azerbaijan,” Friedbert Greif said. Back in 2005 the firm created the urban development and transport planning concept for the Baku Airport Road and has since been involved in several projects in Baku, including providing consultancy services in connection with the city’s 2016 candidature bid to host the Olympics.

A key objective of the General Plan for Baku is to reduce the development pressure on the city itself by improving the quality of life and functionality in the surrounding small and medium-sized towns, for example by

  • strengthening central functions and providing public facilities (health, education, etc.),
  • establishing an efficient regional public transport system
  • creating incentives for independent economic development.

The first stage envisages a draft for the planning and implementation of the General Plan for the entire region. In the second stage AS+P will draw up a detailed urban development concept for the city itself (around 16,000 hectares) as well as the masterplan for a 50-hectare pilot project. The planning process will be accompanied by a series of workshops involving various ministers of state, as well as citizens’ events.

Given that the economic development of the city and region, and the modernization of the technical infrastructure are crucial prerequisites for large-scale sustainable urban development, AS+P will be working closely with inter­national partners on the urban economics and infrastructure. In addition, a renowned local partner will be supporting the project team.

State Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture of the Republic of Azerbaidjan: Dovlatkhan Dovlatkhanov, Deputy Chairman (2nd from left); Samir Nurijev, Chairman (3rd from left); Anar Guliyev, Head of Staff (4th from left); AS+P Management (on the right)