AS+P hailed as Germany’s top architecture brand at the 2022 European Real Estate Award


AS+P CEO Axel Bienhaus with presenter Barbara Schöneberger (3rd and 4th from the left) at the award ceremony held in the German Bundestag in Berlin. Photo © European Real Estate Brand Institute

Best of the best on the winners’ podium – once again AS+P carried the day and was named “Strongest Brand Amongst Germany’s Architects” on the European Real Estate Market, beating all the other famous contestants.

This year for the first time, the awards ceremony took place at the German Bundestag in Berlin, where CEO Axel Bienhaus accepted the sought-after diamond for AS+P as “Germany’s Strongest and Best Architecture Brand””. Indeed, after an evaluation conducted by the European Real Estate Brand Institute (REB), including some 120,000 experts from the real estate sector in Germany and Switzerland, AS+P was once again – for the 6th time – named as the best brand, setting a European benchmark in terms of performance.

This time, the award ran under the banner of ESG (Environmental Social Governance) and the associated transformation processes. For the real estate sector, it is the environment aspect and the urgency of conserving resources that are particularly pressing – a challenge that needs to be handled more consistently than ever before.

For AS+P, transformation is a constant which always needs to be factored into all aspects of work and the company has accepted the challenges that this involves, both at the planning phase, and during actual construction. The company has accordingly farsightedly anchored sustainable architecture in its planning practice. Milestone projects in this context include a new building for HeidelbergCement AG’s head office in Heidelberg’s Neuenheim district and the Scandic-Hotel on Frankfurt’s Main riverbank, which the German Sustainable Building Council awarded Gold certification. Both projects epitomize AS+P’s underlying method of planning without wasting resources and using renewable energies for operating its buildings.

Something else worth mentioning is the company’s sustainable planning practice of converting and repositioning existing buildings. This is clearly demonstrated by the project to modernize the Heinrich-Lübke housing project in Frankfurt’s Praunheim district – originally dating from the 1970s – and give it a facelift.

For the first time, the prizegiving took place at the German Bundestag in Berlin. Photo © European Real Estate Brand Institute

AS+P has now won the sought-after diamond for Germany’s strongest architecture brand six times. Photo © AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH