AS+P and the soccer club Eintracht Frankfurt sign an architects' contract


On August 17, 2018 Oliver Frankenbach and Axel Hellmann, members of the Management Board of Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG, and the management of AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH signed the architects' agreement for the "ProfiCamp"

This marks an important step on the road to a new home for the professional players at Eintracht Frankfurt: "We are proud of this assignment, as sport and in particular soccer play an important role at AS+P," said Friedbert Greif, Managing Director of AS+P and responsible for sport and major events. And Axel Hellmann confirmed that "this project is a milestone for Eintracht. We are delighted to be working with AS+P, an inter­nationally recognized company in the field of sport and sports facilities." In future, the newbuild on the construction site measuring some 16,500 m2 on Otto-Fleck-Schneise will bring the professional players and all the employees of Eintracht Fußball AG together under one roof right next to the stadium. The campus for the licensed Eintracht professionals is an important element of the project. The newbuild will give the players top-quality new premises for fitness, training courses, physiotherapy, and regeneration. Demolition work began in May and the building application was submitted at the beginning of the month. The newbuild is due to be completed by 2020.

Management Board members of Eintracht Fußball AG (left) and the AS+P management (right) signing the architects' contract, © Eintracht Frankfurt