Freiburg: Fourth change to the legal zoning plan “Güter­bahn­hof Nord” (North Freight Terminal) is coming into effect


Air view © Aurelis Real Estate Service GmbH | Photo: Dirk Laubner

With the fourth change to the second legal sub-zoning plan, the objective is to develop the areas as yet unbuilt at a site which used to be a freight terminal in the City of Freiburg’s Brühl district.

Back in 2012-2014 AS+P’s interdisciplinary team produced a master development plan and the legal zoning plan for this 29-hectare site. The relevant plans involved extending the building zone from east to west – thus laying the foundations for what will be an area for mixed utilization, with additional space earmarked for housing.

In 2018, it was then possible, in an initial revision procedure, to adapt further areas to the west of the site previously reserved for commercial use to allow for high end mixed use. With what is now the fourth change to the second legal sub-zoning plan, also the brainchild of AS+P, the aim is to improve the usability of the still undeveloped building land by creating potential for more concentrated utilization, and in particular by extending the site upwards in some instances. Moreover, the site will be enhanced by greening its roof and façades and by landscaping shared gardens.

Furthermore, there are plans to implement the necessary prerequisites in terms of planning law to allow a local pharmaceuticals company, Dr. Falk Pharma, to relocate its headquarters to the freight terminal site. Guaranteeing the economic future of the location in this way will contribute to maintaining, securing and creating workplaces in the location.