Architecture Day – the ProfiCamp Eintracht


New-build admin office and ProCamp © Ulrich Schepp

The State of Hesse Chamber of Architects and Urban Planners has chosen the “Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG new-build admin office and ProCamp” project for this year’s Architecture Day.

This year’s Architecture Day, the 28th of its kind, takes place on June 25-6, 2022 and is fully focused on the idea of a high-quality built environment. It will offer all interested visitors an opportunity to view buildings that are otherwise not publicly accessible and interact directly with the developers, architects and planners. AS+P’s “Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG new-build admin office and ProCamp” project has been chosen for this year’s Architecture Day. During guided tours lasting about one hour, the AS+P architects and planners will explain the highlights of the building and the outdoor spaces to the participants.

The new build with spaces for training and rehabilitation, for the administration and the executive board, including conference areas, press-conference facilities, and a two-story carpark, was erected on the site of existing tennis courts close to Deutsche Bank Park on the corner of Mörfelder Landstrasse / Otto Fleck Schneise. On August 9, 2021 Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG moved into the building and it has been in operation ever since.

The six-story new build with a total gross surface area of approx. 15,300m² is divided into two square volumes with inner courtyards. The colors chosen for the façade take their cue from the Eintracht club colors – black and white. At the same time, the façade texturing chosen together with the colors make the building ensemble seem “lighter” and forges a successful link to the design concept used for the outdoor areas. The concept for the outdoor areas reflects the lines of the new build, turns them at an angle and truncates them, thus creating a dynamic leitmotif that takes its cue from the building. As a result, clear routes and sequences of exciting spaces meld in a striking, unmistakable image and identity: with a forecourt as the central access area, a lowered garden between the carpark and the new build, and a plaza as the interface at the junction of the axis of the main routes through the complex.

View at the ProfiCamp with fitness stairs.