AS+P receives another ICONIC AWARDS 2021 for AS+P – “best of best in Concept Urban Planning” for “Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Non Profit City”


Teamwork Abhishek Gangolli, Jürgen Häpp, Carlos Bustani, Toni O’Connor, Susanne Wellershaus, Esra‘ Al-Najjar and Frank Willems are delighted with the accolade.

The interdisciplinary team at AS+P is particularly gratified by this accolade. After all, the company’s master plan for this 344-hectare urban district right in the heart of Riyadh represents an absolute gem of a project for the AS+P, with its inter­national orientation.

As the German Design Council’s reputed jury sees it, this design for the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman non-profit city is urban planning with a contemporary feel to it, the kind which takes account of all the relevant aspects and thus results in a city worth living in. The jury was not only impressed by the plan’s comprehensive sustainability strategy and its concept for the open spaces within the protected wadi but also by its bold design for the “Forum Bridge”, a fascinating pedestrian bridge over Wadi Hanifah that leads to the highlights of the innovation clusters. In the jury’s opinion, this master plan is a spectacular project and holds the promise of a high quality of life.

In 2018, AS+P succeeded in winning an inter­national, multi-stage competition which attracted more than 200 entrants. The MBS Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Foundation subsequently entrusted AS+P with planning a modern, independent, lively, and flexible urban district for Saudi Arabia’s upcoming ambitious generation. Its purpose: To show the world just how innovative Saudi Arabia actually is. With its holistic approach to urban planning, the city demonstrates everything its residents require from sustainable urban planning, including districts for mixed-use and short distances, at least short enough to be reached on foot.

About the awarding authority: Every year the German Design Council holds an inter­nationally recognized design and architecture competition that rewards holistic, well-thought-out, innovative projects in the fields of architecture, interior design, product design, and brand communication. The jury’s criteria include the overall architectural concept, the quality of design and finish, durability, and environmental compatibility.

To the project

AS+P CEO Joachim Schares, seen here with Associate Partner and Project Director Jürgen Häpp, is also proud that the project has garnered this “best of the best” award.

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