2nd public presentation of the draft development plan for the Ludwigshöhviertel district in Darmstadt


An urban quarter fit for the future is being created here: Presently undergoing construction, the Ludwigshöhviertel will have a listed ensemble of buildings at its center. Photo © AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH, June 2021

The resolution of the Darmstadt Municipal Council at the end of September marks another milestone towards realizing the sustainable city quarter planned by AS+P.

Darmstadt Lord Mayor Jochen Partsch and Michael Kolmer, Head of the Municipal Planning Department, welcomed the resolution as a further important step towards developing a quarter with pioneering forms of living and mobility and a strong focus on climate protection that simultaneously creates urgently needed housing in Darmstadt with the attendant educational and social facilities. Moreover, “equipping [the quarter] with public and private green spaces” was “exemplary,” according to Kolmer, as were “the specifications for the facades and roofs of the buildings and the energy concept for future buildings”.

To this end goals had been formulated that were incorporated into the stipulations of Development Plan S 26 – Ludwigshöhviertel - and the urban planning contract approved by the City Council and concluded between the City of Darmstadt and BVD New Living, a subsidiary of bauverein AG.

After the first public presentation in autumn 2020 the need to make alterations to the plan emerged as a result of feedback from the general public, the authorities, and other public bodies, but also on account of the results of the advancing planning and competing procedures for the structural engineering planning. This made a second public presentation of the revised planning necessary.

In 2017, AS+P won a pan-European tendered urban planning and landscape planning design realization competition organized by the City of Darmstadt – with its entry for “The New Ludwigshöhe Quarter”. Based on the underlying idea of converting a complex sized 34 hectares that was previously used by the U.S. Army, the following year the City of Darmstadt commissioned the interdisciplinary AS+P team to elaborate the development plan and at the same time determine what changes would be needed to the zoning plan. This defines the general conditions for realizing the new quarter that is to accommodate a total of 3,000 residents. The emerging quarter is to be characterized in particular by a mixed range of housing for different groups of inhabitants, appealing infrastructure, a no-traffic residential area, and high-quality outdoor spaces.

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Development plan - S 26 Ludwigshöhviertel -: Various different housing typologies, a center for the quarter, a mobility concept including a new tram connection as well as the provision of social facilities will serve to cover the needs of people in widely differing circumstances. “Landscape stairs” between the two former barracks grounds form a terraced green axis that integrates playgrounds and leisure areas. Plan © AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH