Official opening of the new building housing the offices of Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG and the team’s “ProfiCamp”


The ProfiCamp was officially opened on Tuesday evening with notable guests in attendance. All photos © AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH

The official opening of Eintracht Frankfurt’s new domicile took place on Tuesday evening, not far from the Deutsche Bank Park. AS+P Directors Axel Bienhaus and Friedbert Greif attended the event.

A total of 199 guests had been invited. They were welcomed with a speech by board spokesperson Axel Hellmann. In his address, he looked back over the football club’s history. He then praised the new edifice designed by AS+P saying that “the building strongly expresses the club’s dignity, pride and standing, as well as fostering a new corporate and club culture.” Hellmann also stressed the relevance of the ProfiCamp which has provided both Eintracht’s players and its staff with a modern infrastructure. He continued by saying that as well as applying solid financial foundations and a fitting overall sports concept, it represents one of three pillars necessary to remain competitive.

Constructed to meet the passivhaus standard, the building complex now brings together the Eintracht team of football professionals and the team behind the squad itself, comprising 280 staffers, under a single roof at their 17,330-m² site. The players now benefit among other things from an 800-m² workout zone, a whirlpool, a cold room, a meeting room in the style of a movie theater and a company restaurant. Subsequent to the speeches by Axel Hellmann, Frankfurt City Executive member Markus Frank and Christian Seifert, speaker of DFL’s executive committee, the Eintracht Management Board unveiled the 5-ton stone eagle in the spacious foyer – the highlight of the ceremony.

Zum Projekt

The highlight of the official ceremony: Management Board members Axel Hellmann, Oliver Frankenbach and Markus Krösche unveiled the stone eagle, which now decorates the main foyer.

Axel Hellmann during his speech.

The ProfiCamp’s new postal address, at the same time, “attests to our inter­national outlook,” as Hellmann puts it.